Giant Lincoln County Buck

Lincoln county buck
This is the Lincoln county buck Ronnie took.

Have you ever decided to sleep in when you were going deer hunting? For one reason or another you decided to stay in the bed ,and not get after those big bucks. We’ve all been there and done that. Maybe the weather was bad, or you just needed some sleep. When that alarm goes off sometimes it’s just hard to get out of that nice warm bed. Even if that’s the case there is still hope of getting that trophy buck. Such was the case the last week of the 2007 deer season and this Lincoln county buck in Georgia.

Ronnie’s Lincoln County Buck

It was rainy and foggy Monday morning when the alarm woke my father-in-law Bill and his nephew Ronnie. They were deer hunting at there  hunting  and fishing camp.  They decided to sleep in. When they woke up around 7:30 the rain had stopped. It was time to go hunting. They were hoping to see some big bucks.

Bill decided to go to a stand on a food plot on the same side of the road as the camp. Ronnie decided to go across the road from the camp, to a stand on a hardwood ridge with some planted pines behind it. Bill got in the stand around 8:00am.

He hadn’t been there long at all when he heard Ronnie shoot. Ronnie had just got up in his stand when he heard something behind him to the right. Then he turned to see a really big buck running. Bleating with his mouth(quick thinking)and the deer stopped. He put his rifle up and aimed and squeezed the trigger on the big Lincoln county buck. But the safety was on, when he flipped it off the big buck took off again, Ronnie bleated again and the deer stopped in a small opening, Ronnie aimed and didn’t miss. The big deer dropped, Ronnie had just taken his biggest buck ever.

It was a short but sweet hunt. Bill helped him get the big brute out. This goes to show you if you get up late it’s not to late to get a big buck. Who knows you might get your biggest buck ever.


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