Deer Hunting Bucks Bedrooms

Hunting bucks bedrooms is a  strategy and a technique that can help increase your odds deer hunting. We all have our favorite strategies for big bucks.

Hunting Bucks Bedrooms

hunting bucks bedroomsMy favorite one is hunting bucks bedrooms. Once I’m able to locate where he is bedding, then I can use that to increase my odds of getting him. When I’m deer hunting big bucks, I like to scout during the season. I like to look for trails leading to or from a feeding area to his bedding area.

I look for rubs, scrapes, fresh droppings, tracks, and secondary trails. Rubs can tell you which way a bucks are heading. If the rubs are heading towards the bedding area these are made usually just before daylight as he makes his way back to the bedroom before daylight to bed for the day. If the rubs are leading away from the bedding area to the food source usually these are made late evening to dark. The rubs and scrapes made close to the bedding area may be his staging area where he holds up until he feels safe enough to come out once it’s dark.

Locate Scrapes

My favorite strategy is to locate the freshest scrape closest to the bedroom and depending which way the rubs are leading set up on the downwind side of that scrape. You may want to get there way before daylight or dark. Making sure to approach the area from the downwind side and being very careful not to be heard or seen. You don’t want to get to close to the scrape. The buck may just try to scent check the scrape and end up being downwind of you. Depending on weather you are using a bow or gun get within that range but not to close. This a super effective way to harvest mature whitetail bucks. Just make sure not to bump him or put to much pressure on him. Or he will leave the area for good!

Circled Down Wind

One time I set up on a scrape close to a bedding area, but I was to close and the buck scent checked the scrape and the game was over, and I was the loser. He made a complete circle around me to get wind of me. I know for a fact this strategy works if done properly. I’ve done it. I harvested a nice ten pointer using this technique. Sounds easy right? Not so fast my friend! The wind must be right or it wont work. Good luck hunting your bucks bedroom.  

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