Deer Hunting Big Bucks Sheds

Now that February is upon us, it’s a great time to start looking for those big bucks sheds you were hunting last deer hunting season.

Search For Big Bucks Sheds

big buck sheds
Big bucks sheds are fun to find.

Finding a big bucks sheds you were hunting last year, can be a trophy in its self. This time of year if your deer hunting property has food plots that’s the place I would look first. They are concentrated on the food plots. Since other food sources are at a minimum this time of year. After checking the food plots I would check the trails leading to and from the food plots. The best way is just to get out and start walking these trails. You will be looking for tips of antlers or something that just catches your eye. The antler may be in the open or under debris. Might just be the tip sticking up out of the leaves. It can be really tough to find both sides of a big bucks rack.

Looking for sheds is great exercise. If you know were they are bedding that’s a great place to look.

Some of the bucks wont shed until later but by now some have already shed. I got an email yesterday that one shed has already been found on our club. It was one of our small bucks, but it was a start. If you enjoy deer hunting you will enjoy shed hunting as well. Figuring out where the bucks are bedding, feeding, and traveling is the key. Focus on food sources. Whitetails will be concentrated near food sources this time of year so start there. It can be a great way to get exercise, have some fun, and it can be rewarding. So get out there and find those sheds.

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