Small Tracts Big Bucks

Gwinnett big bucks
This is my first big buck.

One should never under estimate the potential of small tracts of property for deer hunting big bucks. More and more big bucks are being taken every year off of small tracts of land. I think due to the fact that these tracts have everything that the deer need to survive. Along with little or no hunting pressure. This allows the deer to reach the age to develop to full potential.

Big Bucks

Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine called me while I was on my way to work at 4:30 am. He drives a big rig for UPS. I could hear the excitement in his voice. He had just seen a monster buck crossing Roswell road in the city of Roswell, Georgia. Which is a very busy city. Then just yesterday a friend of mine said another friend of ours saw a monster buck in Roswell in broad daylight. That’s two big bucks within a month in a very busy city. The deer are very good at adapting to all the development going on around them. Another friend of mine regularly goes deer hunting for suburban trophies. He has been very successful at it. And has taken several nice bucks hunting with a crossbow.

City Deer

Some of the nicest bucks taken in Georgia every year come from Fulton county. Which is as big city as it gets. One of the biggest bucks I have on my wall at home came from a fourteen acre tract of land my dad owned in Gwinnett county. It wasn’t in the city but it was a small tract of hunting property. If you have deer hunting privileges on a small tract of property and you haven’t hunted it yet you might want to. You just might get that trophy buck of a lifetime. This is the Gwinnett Buck I took on a fourteen acre tract.

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  1. I live in Roswell off of Hwy 92 and have twice seen deer at the entrance to my subdivision early in the morning. I always hope they make it back to where ever they ‘live’ without getting hit by a car!

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