Deer Hunting Big Bucks Decisions

Big bucks decisions
Big bucks decisions sometimes have to be very quick.

I wanted to tell you a story one of those big bucks decisions that happened to me. At  deer hunting at BF Grant WMA in Georgia. There comes times when we are out deer hunting that we have to make quick decisions. Decisions that are right or wrong. This is one of those big bucks decisions has stayed with me for years. I wanted to tell you about it.

Big Bucks Decisions

My grandmother grew up on a dairy farm in a little town called Godfrey in Putnam county in Georgia. Which is where BF Grant WMA is located. I had seen a lot of big bucks taken at BF Grant, in issues of Georgia Outdoor News. So I thought it would be really neat to go deer hunting big bucks where my grandmother was raised. They have two rifle quota hunts every year. The first one being harder to get drawn for.

I had seen some nice trophies taken during the second hunt so I put in for it, for the up coming season. And I was drawn. I went scouting and found a really good looking spot to hunt. I picked out a tree and didn’t go back until the morning of the hunt.

The Hunt

It was a perfect late November morning the day of the hunt. I got there early and made my way through the woods in the dark. Down to the area I had picked a tree to get in my portable. But I couldn’t find the exact tree I had picked out when I was scouting. So I looked a little while and finally picked another tree.

As the sun came up I realized the tree I couldn’t find was about twenty yards away. And I realized the tree I was in now wasn’t a very good choice. I was sticking out like a sore thumb. I had absolutely no cover of any kind. But I was settled in and it was daylight and a great cold morning, and the rut was in full swing. I was about thirty yards inside the property line. Beside a huge pasture that wasn’t part of the WMA I was on. The regulations made it clear that the pasture was private property.

Snuck Up on ME

About 9:00am I did a rattle sequence and threw in a few grunts. Well, the cows in the pasture spotted me and came over to get a look and see what in the world was making all of that noise up in that tree. I guess they didn’t know I was trying to rattle in a trophy buck, not a cow. One of the cows was sick, and making the most awful noise you have ever heard. I let my guard down for a minute and I’m admiring the cows. When all of the sudden I hear a noise over my left shoulder. I turned to see what it was and it’s the biggest buck I have ever seen. He came across a clear cut to my calling and had spotted me sticking out like a sore thumb in that tree, turned around admiring the cows.

Out of Bounds

When I heard him he had jumped a barb wire fence and landed on the other side. Off of the WMA property I was on. When he landed he started running across the pasture. It dawned on me he was off of the WMA. I had a decision to make and I had to make it fast. A friend of mine that taught me a lot about shooting, told me if a buck is running, pick an open window ahead of him and when he runs into it, squeeze the trigger. The only two times I have ever tried this it worked perfectly. So I knew I could make the shot. But it wasn’t right, and I wasn’t going to do it.

So I did the only thing I could think of to do and grabbed my grunt call and started grunting like crazy. But the game was over and he wasn’t playing any more. As I watched him run out of sight I felt like crying. I had a shot at the buck of my dreams and I couldn’t take it. What would you have done?

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