Shed Antlers Trail Camera Photos

The bucks are shedding now hopefully I’ll have some great trail camera photos of them soon. And I went shed hunting last week, but I didn’t have any luck. Some of the guys in our club went and found quite a few.

Trail Camera Photos Of Bucks With Shed Antlers

trail camera photo of shed antler buck
This is Rosco with shed antlers.
trail camera photo of big buck with antlers
This is Rosco with antlers.

I put out a trail camera and hopefully I will get some good photos soon. I did get an email of some trail camera photos taken on our deer hunting property. And the biggest buck that we know of on our property has shed his antlers, and I thought it would be cool to show you some before and after pictures.

That’s pretty cool isn’t it. Were thinking his antlers may be regressing this year. The age factor probably will start to catch up with him. It sure will be interesting to see. We have seen him on camera for several years now, but he is just to smart, he didn’t get that big being dumb. We think he may have been seen once or twice during deer season, but not really sure. He is a smart buck and moves mostly at night. He will be hard to get for sure. Nocturnal bucks are the hardest one’s to get and do most of their moving at night except during the rut.

It is so neat to see the big bucks grow their antlers throughout the year. Technology for deer is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Hopefully, I will be able to get some good shots of some deer growing their antlers this year. I’ll put them on here if I do. There have been some really nice sheds found this year, a few of my friends have found some big ones. I would love to find Rosco’s sheds he is a brute for sure.

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  1. Yes he is a nice buck, Jeff. We think he will score upper 140’s. It will be interesting to see what his rack does this year.

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