Archery Trip To Illinois Might Happen

Well folks, I am so pumped, yesterday some friends decided to go on a archery trip to Illinois. We applied for a Prairie State archery deer hunting permit. I have always wanted to go on a big time deer hunt and it looks like this could be the year that dream becomes a reality.

archery trip to Illinois
It looks like the archery trip to Illinois just might happen.

Archery Trip To Illinois

We are planning to go on our archery trip to Illinois in late October to early November. Right in the heart of big buck country. I have always wanted to hunt in Illinois. Where the chances of getting a world class whitetail are very good. It’s a lottery to get drawn for so hopefully we will get drawn.

If you are wondering why I am so pumped up about hunting in Illinois, check out this video. If you are a deer hunter you will understand. I have already made my self a hunting equipment checklist. One thing I just ordered was a new bow that should be here tomorrow. The bow that I have been using for years has been a great one, but it is time for an upgrade. Believe it or not I’ve never shot a carbon arrow.

I just can’t wait to start practicing with my new PSE Stinger. Recently I bought it on-line at They have ready to hunt bow packages that come set up and paper tuned and ready to hunt right out of the package. I just don’t have a lot of spare time. A great deal for someone who doesn’t have the time to get a bow tuned and set up properly.

Of course I will need to get in a lot of practice between now and hunting season, which I plan on doing. If you are looking for a good deal on a bow package you can check them out at or click Hunters Friend, or call 1-877-410-7811.

Harvesting A Pope And Young

A while back I decided to set a deer hunting goal for my self, of harvesting a Pope and Young buck with my bow. Bow hunting in Illinois just might help me achieve that goal. They have some real trophy whitetails there and I just might get a bruiser, you never know. I have been deer hunting twenty seven years and have never been hunting outside of the great state of Georgia. I have taken some real nice bucks in Georgia. But I really hope to get the chance to go bow hunting in Illinois. I am pumped up just thinking about it.


Also I will be moving to Kentucky real soon and I here there is some great hunting there also. I’m looking forward to hunting in some of these states that I have only read about and seen on television. I hear there is a lot of corn up that way. You can bet those tenderloins taste real good. Not to mention those world class racks.


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