Deer Hunting Kentucky Supplies Dreams

hunting Kentucky
Deer hunting Kentucky supplies dreams.
hunting Kentucky
Hunting Kentucky is excellent.

Have you ever been hunting Kentucky, The Bluegrass State? I sure would love to.  Do you dream about hunting Kentucky?

Hunting Kentucky

I sure do. Some buddies and I were on our way to a recent bow hunting trip in southern Illinois and we stopped at a sporting goods store in Paducah Kentucky for a few last minute items for deer hunting. I didn’t remember to bring all my supplies hunting. They had some deer on the wall that quickly caught my attention.  And now I know, in Kentucky there are definitely some big bucks. I could tell right then and there deer hunting Kentucky supplies hunting dreams.

Driving to Illinois

As a matter of fact when we were driving to Illinois, we saw a huge trophy whitetail buck in Kentucky. He was running down the side of a big hardwood ridge. Right beside the highway at 9:30 am. That sure got our attention. That monster buck almost caused a pile up on the highway.

Kentucky is such a beautiful state. I am hoping to transfer there with my job in the near future. One of my favorite blogs is Outdoor Life’s Big Buckzone. Travis Faulkner has a lot of great stories and articles on there. He is from Kentucky, and he definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to hunting big mature whitetail bucks in Kentucky. And he seems like such a great down to earth good ole southern man. So be sure to go to my blog roll and check out the Big Buckzone.

Kentucky Opportunities

There are many different public hunting opportunities in Kentucky. I found a great link to them on  Field & Stream. It is a great place to research all the different ones and see which one you would be interested in. I have been wanting to hunt the Land between the Lakes public hunting area. With 107,594 acres of prime deer habitat. 300 miles of undeveloped shoreline, and abundant whitetail deer, it sounds like a great place to take a trophy buck. They offer quota hunts for firearms and archery and crossbow hunts. If you are interested in a Public hunt in Kentucky be sure to check out the above link and I think it will be very helpful to you.

I look forward  to one day deer hunting Kentucky big bucks. To see if indeed it supplies hunting dreams.

On one last note I wanted to include a picture of me with my boys with my recent Illinois bow kill. They were proud of their daddy. My oldest son Noah was happy for me and my youngest son Sawyer wasn’t real sure what to think.

bow buck
Hunting in Kentucky is great.


6 thoughts on “Deer Hunting Kentucky Supplies Dreams”

  1. A great picture of you with your sons. Congrats on your big buck harvest. Very nice! Looks like you have two future hunters! Wishing you and yours a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for the link to public hunting land! I’m in KY and have not had a chance to hunt here since moving here from Indiana where my Grandpa had a 300+ acre farm to hunt on.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Donnie and Justin! Justin I wish my Grandpa had a farm. That is sweet! Good luck with the move and happy hunting! I hope to be transferring to Kentucky soon, and I hear there are some big bucks there. Donnie, my 3 year old got his first pair of hunting boots yesterday and is already asking to go with me. Take care guys

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