Whitetail Rut Jasper County Bucks

buck taken rattling
The best time to hunt is during the whitetail rut.

I received my monthly issue of GON magazine today and from what I’m reading they expect some good action during the month of December throughout the state of Georgia. So I’m hoping that means a lot of late season action for the Jasper county bucks.

Whitetail Rut not Over

whitetail taken in rut
This buck was harvested during the whitetail rut.

I don’t think all the action is over for the the whitetail rut. As a matter of fact I am  looking forward to the whitetail rut to kick in for our Jasper county bucks. In November it kicked in so fast and then it was gone. When the does go in heat all heck breaks loose and then once they go out of estrous it’s dead for a while. But when the does come back into estrous it’s going to pick up. With the hunting pressure being heavy during November the big boys go into nocturnal mode. Especially when the does go out of estrous. I don’t think the whitetail rut will be as intense in December as it was in November, but it just takes one trophy buck to make your whole season.

Jasper County

The Jasper county bucks seem to have a way of being very hard to locate this time of year. But I’m not giving up just yet. There is almost a month left of deer hunting. There where so many white oak acorns this year the deer had plenty of food during November, and didn’t have to travel far to get their food, it was everywhere. But now as the food sources disappear more and more, I’m going to be focusing on food plots. The deer really need the nutrition this time of the year, especially the bucks due to the fact they lost so much weight chasing does and looking for does. They need to gain weight to be able to survive the cold winter. So food plots are a great place to be this time of the season.

I’m planning on heading out to our club in the morning, and hunting all day. I hope to do some filming. So hopefully I’ll get some good footage to share with everyone.

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