Last Minute Strategies

Last minute strategies for deer
Use last minute strategies to get that late season buck.

I am going to have to figure out some last minute strategies to get that big buck deer hunting.

Last Minute Strategies For Big Bucks

I have been doing some studying and I have decided to find the thickest area on our property. It is a favorite one of my last minute strategies. I am studying aerial photos and topo maps. Whitetails like to bed just over the edge of a ridge where they can look downwind for some distance and smell any danger approaching them from behind. I am trying to imagine that I am one of those big bucks and start thinking like him. The thing is once you find the thickest stuff, now you look at it in relation to the food source he is using.

Rut Over

The whitetail rut is all but over. Food and water are his number one priority now. By studying the trails leading to and from the bedding area. If most of the tracks on a trail are going to the bedding area I will hunt that in the morning. If they are leading away from the bedding area I will hunt that trail in the evening. I will try to get as close to the bedding area in the thickest stuff possible. The big bucks love the thick stuff when the pressure is on and it’s late in the season. Now I have to admit that I don’t enjoy hunting where there is a limited sight distance. But by doing so this time of year I will definitely increase my odds of harvesting a mature trophy whitetail.

There are 13 days left in our season here in Georgia. Time is definitely of the essence. But I haven’t given up just yet. It is never to late to get that monster buck. One thing is for sure you can’t get him from your bed. I had a buddy take the biggest buck of his life on the last day of the season one year. Get out there folks.

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  1. As the season comes to a close the panic of filling the tag becomes evident, especially those hunters that hold out for a bruiser. I have been in the same situation before our season here in British Columbia closed. It cam to the point that I wanted to shot any legal buck that happened to walk in front of me on the last day.

    I feel for you and hope you will end the season with a wallhanger. Maybe my late season tips on Whitetail Deer Passion will help you to find that buck you’re after.

    Good luck Adam.


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