Deer Hunting Buddy Public Hunting

Well I just had to share this video with everyone. I think I got a new deer hunting buddy.

Deer Hunting Buddy

deer hunting buddy

This is my new deer hunting buddy.

My three year old son Noah and I went down to camp to get my portable stands out of the woods, and we had a great time. We had a blast even though we didn’t see any. It’s the first time I have taken him to the woods with me and I enjoyed every second of it. We had to walk a pretty good way to the stand and he stuck right there with me. We even saw a big bucks tracks. He wanted me to carry him through the woods when it got kind of thick.

I have always wanted to have a son to take deer hunting. And I can’t wait until my two boys get big enough to take them deer hunting with me. That is if they want to. I wont push it on them but will take them if they show an interest when they get big enough to go. I think they will both enjoy hunting and the great outdoors as much as their daddy does. My oldest has already asked when I was going to take him with me.

Public Land

national forest

There are some great public hunting hunting places in Georgia.

I did a post on some public hunting land here in Georgia that is still open to get in  some late season whitetail action. And it looks like I am going to try out one before the season ends. We had planned on going to Illinois but our schedules just aren’t working out to be able to do it. So we are switching to plan B and are going to try to do some public hunting in Georgia.

Hopefully we will get some good action on film to share with everyone. I sure would like to be able to go  one more time this year but Georgia offers some great late season bow hunting on public land as well. Maybe we will get lucky and see some big bucks. I wanted to remind everyone to take a child  and get them involved in the great outdoors and you will make memories that you and them will cherish forever.

4 thoughts on “Deer Hunting Buddy Public Hunting”

  1. Now that is too cute and too funny.

    I can’t wait for my daughter to get old enough for stuff like that. I’m not trying to rush it, though, I’m just appreciating one day at a time.

    That is one great video.

  2. Love the video of your son Noah…I’m planning to take my granddaughter and grandson hunting soon. Can’t wait! They grow up so fast. Goodhunting and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Arthur, Wes and Marian. They do grow up fast. I’ve always heard people say that, but now that I have two boys I know what they mean.

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