Whitetail Rut Mississippi

It looks like the big bucks are on the move, and it is good hunting as the whitetail rut Mississippi!

Whitetail Rut Mississippi Hard

My good friend Ray over a 2X-Treme Designs sent me some pictures of a  big deer he took the other day. It is one of the biggest he has ever harvested and it’s a nice one. He also sent me a picture of his son J.R.’s first deer.

kids first deer
J.R. harvested his first deer in Mississippi on January 9,2009.Congratulations J.R.!

Congratulations J.R. on your first deer! Dad just had to wipe the blood on your face didn’t he. That’s all right my dad did the same thing to me when I got my first deer.

It is always great to see kids hunting and enjoying the great outdoors. Ray said he has seen several big bucks.

whitetail rut Mississippi
Big bucks like this one Ray harvested on January 8, 2009 are more likely to make a mistake during the whitetail rut Mississippi.

It is always fun to hunt big bucks during the breeding period. The best time to harvest mature big bucks is during the whitetail rut Mississippi. The whitetail rut is different there than it is in Georgia, it is just now peaking in there. I never could figure out what makes them rut much later there than here in Georgia.

Mississippi Buck

Ray killed his buck on January 8, 2009 it is his biggest buck to date and he took it on the same date that he took his first whitetail ever deer hunting. It sounds like January 8th is Rays lucky day. He used a Quaker Boy Doe Bleat to call the buck in and made a neck shot at about 100 yards and dropped him right in his tracks. Ray said he didn’t realize how big he was until he got over to him. The buck has an 18″ inside spread with 6″ bases and was 6 1/2 years old. Ray took his buck on the 8th and his son J.R. took his first whitetail on the very next day January 9th. That had to be very exciting for Ray and J.R. great job guys!

Ray did the logo and header design for DeerHuntingBigBucks.com, and he can help you with any of your graphic design needs. So be sure to go over and check out his website.

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3 thoughts on “Whitetail Rut Mississippi”

  1. Great to see a kid that enjoys hunting. Congrats on your first buck J.R. And congrats to Ray too. The blood thing is definitely a Rite of Passage.

    Thanks for the link to the design site. A good resource to have.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Dayne and Rick! It is always good to see youngens getting involved in the outdoors. I don’t think youngens is an actual word but man it’s fun to say.

  3. way to go lil ray! you need to show me where to get me one of them big ole bucks..lol.. especally that i only live 2 miles away..jr, keep up the good work!!!

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