Deer Management Control Burn

Doing a control burn on your deer hunting property  is a great tool for improving deer management.

Deer Management

deer management
A control burn for deer management.

There are many benefits from a control burn.

deer managent burn
Doing a control burn is a great tool to improve deer management on your hunting property.

If you are looking to improve your deer management on your property you definitely want to consider a control burn. It can increase your quail population too.

Fire helps to keep the sapling hardwoods under control but still allows the re sprouting in woods. Which are kept open with ample sunlight on the ground. This gives birds some protection from predators. By allowing some  cover to grow close to the ground.  Fire helps removes  dead vegetation on the ground exposing seeds and tender young vegetation. Allowing turkey and quail access to food and giving them easy movement through the new vegetation and plants. It also stimulates hard seeded plants and native grasses to sprout.

Great for Turkey and Quail

Burning  increases the production of seeds and grass plants on which turkey and quail and other birds and animals. Such as deer depend on through the year. So if you are looking to improve your deer management on your property  you need to consider burning some parts of your property to improve your wildlife habitat.

Last Thursday we burned a few sections of our hunting property. It should really help the wildlife habitat this year. Every year we burn different sections of our property. Usually the areas that need it the most each year.

Check Local Laws

You always need to check your local laws and regulations before doing a burn. Make sure that you never burn without getting a permit and abiding by all of the laws and regulations in your area.

When you burn you want a 25% to 50% relative humidity and winds no more than around 13 miles per hour. But you definitely need a little wind to make sure you get a good burn. Make sure you put in fire breaks to control the fire, make sure they are wide enough where the fire wont jump them. And you want to start at the fire break on the down wind side and burn into the wind. This way the wind will not carry the fire to fast, and the fire will have to burn into the wind, helping to keep the fire at bay.

Consider doing a burn on your property if you would like to improve the wildlife habitat, making your hunting property a better haven for wildlife. You will be glad you did come next spring when the forest floor is full of new grasses and plants that the deer will definitely be attracted to.

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