Hunting Deer Sheds

Even though deer season is over, trail cameras can still be a great tool for knowing which trophy whitetails made it through the season. The bucks will be shedding their antlers soon if not already. I am looking forward to hunting deer sheds.

antler found hunting sheds
Hunting deer sheds is fun.

It’s almost as much fun as the actual hunt.

Hunting Deer Sheds


Finding deer sheds can really get you pumped. I have found several deer sheds through the years but have never found a big bucks antlers. I would love to find that big 150″ brutes antlers that we saw on trail camera all year. But he was to smart for all of us on our club. We have had him on trail camera for several years now. He has only been seen in the woods  a couple of times deer hunting. We have never even found one of his antlers either. But this year I plan on looking hard for his rack when he drops it.

We’ll see what happens but I am looking forward to finding sanctuaries where he might drop that beautiful big rack. I would love to get my hands on that thing. Although sometime near the end of the season he broke his main beam off just above his G2. I don’t know how it happened. Maybe fighting with one of the other trophy whitetails on our property.

From what I have heard and read this season was a little tough spotting big bucks here in Georgia. Due to the huge acorn crop the deer didn’t have to travel far to find food. The full moon during the peak of the rut didn’t seem to help much either.

Any way finding a big boys huge rack can really motivate you to prepare for next season even harder. And make you more determined to figure him out and harvest him next year.

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