Whitetail Deer Bowhunting Exciting

Have you ever harvested a whitetail deer bowhunting?

Deer Bowhunting

bow hunting deer
Harvesting a deer bowhunting can be very challenging.

Taking a deer bowhunting can be a very exciting challenge. I made myself a personal goal of harvesting a Pope & Young buck before last deer season. I was able to take a very nice whitetail bow hunting in Illinois but I still have to get him officially scored to see if he will make the book. I’m thinking he will fall just short, but we will see. I have taken quite a few deer bow hunting but since I took that big boy I have got the fever bad. We are planning on filming some great hunts next season and we are pumped. Having to get the big bucks so close before being able to shoot with a bow really gets your adrenalin going. Last year after I harvested that trophy buck deer hunting in Illinois I didn’t go back in the woods without my bow.

Bow Only

PSE Stinger
Filming whitetail bow hunts can make for some exciting footage.

I think now I will pretty much hunt most of the time with a bow or be behind the camera. I will still hunt with a rifle just not as much. One thing that I have never done that I plan on trying next season is hunting with a muzzle loader. I am currently in the process of shopping around for a deal on a good muzzle loader.

Yesterday I got my PSE Stinger out and shot a few times. I have to get me some new arrows for next year and a new arrow rest. The rest that I have is making a popping noise when I pull it back sometimes. It usually only does it after I have shot it a few times but I can’t have unwanted noises when pulling my bow back. My luck it would do it when I was pulling back on a monster buck of a lifetime. I am already fired up about next season and want to go to the woods right now.


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  1. I personally think any deer shot with a bow is a trophy. And to shoot a P&Y with one would be amazing. I would probably keel over dead if that ever happened.

    I know plenty of guys – and even bloggers – who I consider excellent hunters, that have never shot a deer with a bow.

    That just goes to show you how hard it is.

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