Favorite Type Deer Stands

What type of deer stands do you prefer when hunting? There are so many different  good deer stands available on the market today. You’ve got lock-ons, climbers, ladders, tripods, box, blinds etc. I remember when I first started  hunting years ago we would climb up the limbs of a tree and nail a board across two limbs and sit on it for hours. I don’t see how my dad did it. I’m 41 now and I just don’t think I could do it now, not for very long at least.

Different Types of Hunting Deer Stands

  • Loc-on: My favorite type of hunting stand I think is a lock on it is great to get to where you are hunting and be able to climb up very quietly without being detected. But what makes a lock on so good is you can move it around fairly easy. It involves some work but makes them very versatile.
  • Box stand: This is my least favorite of the deer stands. They are very nice during bad weather, but I don’t know it is just not the way I was brought up hunting. I almost feel separated from the great outdoors when I am in a box stand. I’ve hunted a box stand quite a bit lately and they are very nice, they just aren’t my favorite way to hunt. I like feeling the breeze against my face.
  • Tri-pod stands:

    There are several on our property and they are very nice. We have two different size tri-pod stands on our club large and small. The large one has enough room to put your backpack and other items in the stand with you but the small one doesn’t it doesn’t have enough room to swivel  all the way around. One thing I hate about the tri-pods is they tend to make a lot of unwanted noises. Nothing makes frustrates me more than to get up at 4:00am to go hunting with perfect conditions.

It’s the only day you can get a chance to go hunting during the rut which seems to go by so fast. You get in the stand flawlessly, wind direction is in your favor. Everything is perfect then you slowly move and the stand makes a noise that sounds like you hit it with a hammer. Any buck that has any common sense will not come within a mile of you! So basically you have wasted the day getting out of bed on your only day off because you aren’t seeing any buck on this hunt! Man that makes me mad! Every time it happens I just sit there with a puzzled look on my face trying not to cuss! So for that reason I try not to hunt the tri-pods as much as I used to.

  • Ladder stands:

    We have several on our hunting property as well, and they are very nice. They are fairly easy to move and easy to get in and out of quietly. Ladder stands are one of my favorite ways to hunt.

  • Portable stands:

    Are a great way to be versatile and adjust you location to hot spots where the big bucks are. But you need a little extra time to carry them in and put them on the tree and can be noisy if you are not careful. I just purchased a new portable by Treewalker this year and I love it. Then I harvested a big 10 pointer bow hunting in Illinois this year out of it.

portable climber deer stands
I used a portable deer stand hunting in Illinois, and was able to harvest a nice 10 pointer out of it.

I purchased some cable locks to be able to leave my portables in the woods if need be. It’s ashamed that there are people out there that will take your stands, but that’s life I guess.

What type of stand do you hunt out of? What is your favorite type of stand, and least favorite?

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