Deer Hunting Flint River WMA

Do you ever still hunt while deer hunting? That’s just what I did hunting Flint River WMA. If you haven’t you might want to try it sometime while deer hunting. Several years back I started hearing and reading a lot of stories about some really nice bucks being killed on Flint River WMA. Down in south Georgia. So some friends and I decided we would put in for a quota hunt and go see for our selves. Apparently  we were not the only ones hearing about all of those big bucks. It took us three years to be drawn to go hunting Flint River WMA.

flint river wma public land buck
Flint River WMA has many big bucks like this one that was harvested on December 5,1997.But it was definitely worth the wait.

Hunting Flint River WMA Buck

We arrived on Thursday December 3 around lunch and immediately unpacked and headed out to do some scouting. We located some good places to hunt and saw some deer in the process.

First Day Of The Hunt

The first day I got in a tree on the edge of a big swamp and I saw several deer and some wild hogs but no big bucks.

Then on Saturday morning it was very cold and I hunted hard all morning. I was supposed to meet my buddy Steve for lunch around noon. So I got down and decide to still hunt down a road through the planted pines. As I eased down the road I would look down each row of pines carefully surveying each row for any sign of a big boy. Slipping along slowly when I notice what looked like two eyes looking at me. About 60 yards down a row of pines that was very dark form the canopy of pines.

I eased my scope up to get better look and I spotted the silhouette of a big trophy buck laying in a dry spot in the row of pines. Immediately I knew it was a very nice buck and found his shoulder in my scope and gently squeezed the trigger. The buck ran about thirty yards and expired.

The three year wait was well worth it. I was pumped! He was a very nice main frame 8 pointer with a kicker off his let main beam. He had a little bit of pie bald in him and had white patches on both of his legs that were made him very unique and was a beautiful buck.

If you get a chance I would definitely recommend hunting this wonderful public ground. You will have a chance to get a buck of a lifetime.

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  1. I know still hunting can be ultra productive, but I’ve found over the years that I just don’t have enough patience for it. That is one nice deer, though; I might just have to change my ways.

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