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Have you ever scouted by using a deer hunting map? It will be time to get after those big bucks before you know it! Have you started scouting yet? If you are like me your time is limited so you have to make the most of the time that you do have to scout.

topo maps
The topo deer hunting map is a very useful tool to help figure out good spots to hunt.

I don’t know if hunting map is an official term but that is what I call my deer hunting map.

There are three different ones that really come in handy.

  • topographical maps(topo)
  • aerial photos
  • plat maps

My favorite hunting map is the aerial. A hunting map can give you information that can help you figure out the best places to ambush big bucks.

Each type of map gives a little piece of the big puzzle to pinpointing the best location to locate the most dense sign and interpret the sign and pick out the best place to get that trophy buck.

Here are some of the advantages of each type of map.

Deer Hunting Map

  • Topographical (topo) map- The different lines on it allow you to locate valley’s, ridges, and benches on the side of a ridge, also streams, roads, and sometimes buildings. Also a topo outlines in light green where the woods are located.
  • Plat map –  Show Rivers, streams, roads, buildings, and the always important property boundaries.
  • Aerial photos – Allow you to evaluate not only the deer hunting property where you hunt but the surrounding areas as well. They can help you locate food sources, bedding areas, funnels, travel corridors, fields, wood lots, streams, ravines, and roads.

3 Types of maps

By using all three of these maps you can pinpoint places that you want to focus on scouting when you actually get out in the field. By studying these maps and using the information you gather from each one you can really cut your scouting time in the field quite a bit because you can locate places that are likely to have dense sign before you ever step foot on the property. Of course there are some places that you might overlook on the maps that you might not find without getting out and walking the deer hunting property.

great Georgia deer hunting land
A hunting map of your deer hunting land can help you figure out that trophy whitetail.

The closer it gets to deer season the less walking you want to do on the property. The less human activity there is on your property the more sense of security they will have. Those big bucks didn’t get big by being stupid they get real smart when human pressure increases.

One of the places I have bought maps from is they offer great maps and are have good prices. I have been very satisfied with their products and services. You can visit their site mytopo.

Another great place you can visit is Google Earth it is really neat. So stop by and check it out sometime.

The earlier you start scouting the better your chances of getting that trophy whitetail of a lifetime. Maps are a great scouting tool that can help you be successful this upcoming season.

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  2. It is really be much easier to hunt having all the gadgets ready. Map is one of the most important thing to have whenever you want to go out on hunting trips, especially to those hunters who are not familiar with the place they hunted on.

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