Monitering Deer Feeding Patterns

It will be time to go deer hunting before you know it. A big part of the puzzle is figuring out the deer feeding patterns.

deer feeding patterns
By watching food sources during the summer you can figure out the deer feeding patterns.

Deer Feeding

Big bucks increase their body weight quite a bit during the summer months into October. You can use binoculars or a spotting scope during the summer months to watch feeding. It is important not to disturb the deer. So using a spotting scope is a great way to monitor the deer feeding without them ever knowing you are there. By monitoring the food sources during the summer you will be prepared to pick a great spot to get that trophy whitetail. Once it is time to go deer hunting.

Georgia Flint river whitetail buck
Figuring out deer feeding patterns during the summer months will help you find great locations for deer hunting.

In my opinion the deer prefer acorns over any other food source. I know there are people who disagree with me but that is my opinion. So around late July or early August it is a good idea to start looking for acorns. If you have acorns dropping in a funnel area that should be a hot spot for whitetail activity.

If you have corn on your property the whitetail activity probably won’t be heavy in the corn until it starts to mature in late September or early October.

Locate food

Glassing fields can reveal great places to hunt once bow season rolls around. You want to locates fields where there is lush food sources available ( such as clover and alfalfa). Field edges with thick cover nearby are a great place to look.

Another great place to scout is where there are fruit trees or an orchard. Whitetails just love the sweet taste of apples, pears, persimmons, etc. You want to look for trails leading to the trees and setup on the downwind side. If hunting an orchard it is best to setup near the trees bearing the most fruit. Or even better on the trails leading to it. Look for trees with the most fruit on the ground with the most droppings.

By focusing on areas that have food water and cover and glassing these areas during the summer you will be able to choose great stand locations. Increasing your odds of harvesting a trophy a trophy whitetail this upcoming season.

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