Monster Bow Hunting Encounter

bow hunting encounter with buck
My first bow hunting encounter with a big buck is one I wont forget.

I wanted to tell you a story about my first monster bow hunting encounter. It is a hunt that I will never forget.

Bow Hunting Encounter

It was a hot September afternoon when I pulled into camp. I was looking forward to a good evening of deer hunting.

The temperatures were in the upper 80’s. Any evening of deer hunting is good to me no matter what the temperature is. Making my way down to the oak flat on the creek. Having to come in the long way to have the wind in my face. I made it to the stand and got situated. I sat there for about an hour. A doe and a fawn came in and had a few acorns and a drink of water and made their way to the clover behind me. I sat there for another hour and a half without seeing so much as a squirrel.

Still Hunt

I don’t know why but I decided to get out of the stand and do a still hunt up to another clover food plot that was on the way back to my truck. I was about a mile from my truck and the field was back near my truck. The wind was perfect for a still hunt up to that food plot.

I made my way slowly up to the field and when I got close there was a big brier patch right on the edge of the corner of the field between me and the field. Slowly, I eased around the Brier patch very slowly not knowing what was in the food plot. I slowly crept up to the edge of the briar’s and peaked into the plot and low and behold there about twenty yards away stands a 130-140 class 8 pointer quartering away from me. My heart starts pumping like crazy. But I knew I could make that shot.


I start to pull my bow back and what I didn’t know was there was another buck standing in the food plot watching me. Focused on the Pope and Young buck standing right in front of me I never even saw the other buck. Well as soon as I go to draw this other buck bust me and blows and the deer all run out of the field and get about 60 yards into the woods and start blowing at me. I felt like I wanted to cry. A Pope and Young buck broadside within shooting distance and I get busted by a little buck. So I’m frustrated as I watch them run off.  I stand there for a minute the I start walking at a good pace back to my truck because it is close to getting dark.

All of the sudden an even bigger buck  is standing about 60 yards watching me pout back to the truck. He sees me first type of deal. When I see him he is looking at me hard and bolts. This buck was huge probably a 150 class buck. So now I really want to cry. I’ve got big bucks all around me and and can’t seal the deal. I see two Pope and Young bucks in one evening. Even though I wasn’t able to harvest one, it is an evening hunt I will never forget.  Last year I was able to harvest a potential Pope and Young buck deer hunting in Illinois but think he will fall just short when I get him officially scored. Who knows maybe this year will be the year for that record book trophy whitetail with my bow.


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