Deer Hunting Velvet Bucks

velvet bucks
Most of the velvet bucks will shed before it is time to go deer hunting in September.

Have you ever seen any velvet bucks when deer hunting? I have seen a few when I was deer hunting but I have never harvested a buck in velvet. I would love to harvest one of the big bucks we have on our property.I’d really like to get one with a bow in full velvet. When deer hunting early in bow season the bucks tend to still be in bachelor groups and are grazing. Then when summer turns into fall they start to browse more.

Velvet Bucks

The increased sunlight during the summer triggers growth hormones activated by the pineal gland in a whitetails body. That causes their antlers to grow. The pineal gland affects the deers summer and winter coat, breeding, when they grow their antlers and when they shed their antlers. The longer the days the antler growth increases. The velvet is skin tissue and veins that nourish the antlers during their growth. Usually about the end of August the bucks antlers are fully grown and the velvet is ready to peel.velvet kansas buck

Buck Sheds His Velvet

I’d like to be able to see a buck actually shed his velvet. I have heard that once it starts peeling the hanging velvet irritates the buck and he thrashes trees violently to remove the velvet. A lot of bucks actually eat the velvet once it is removed. I bet it would be really neat to watch a big boy shed his velvet.

Deer season will be here before you know it? Have you got you food plots in? There are some things you can do now to go ahead and get ready for hunting season. We always have a couple of work days at our deer camp during the summer. To get stands ready, work on food plots, cut shooting lanes, bush-hog and any thing around camp that needs to be fixed.

Another thing you can do now is to go ahead and sight in that deer rifle. Why wait until the last minute to do it? The less shooting you have on your hunting property the more secure your deer will feel. I just think it is best not to sight in your rifle on your hunting property.If you must do it, do it  during the summer. Not the weekend before deer season opens or during bow season. Those big bucks didn’t get big by being stupid. The more shooting he hears the smarter he gets and more likely to go nocturnal.

I am pumped about deer season this year, it will be here soon boys and girls!

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