Deer Hunting Kansas

Deer hunting Kansas is special. We are finally getting settled here in Kansas in our new home. It has been a very busy last two months for my family and I. I started my new job a few weeks ago and it is going well. I came out here before my family and found us a place to live and then brought my family out. We found a nice farm house on 80 acres surrounded by corn.

deer hunting Kansas
Deer hunting Kansas property view from the front porch of our house in Kansas

There are some really big bucks in the area, and plenty of corn and soybeans for them to eat. Kansas is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t been all over the state but where we live is gorgeous.

Deer Hunting Kansas

I also found a deer hunting Kansas area about 30 minutes away that is over 9,000 acres. I also found 341 acres of Kansas public land about 4 miles from my house. Also in Kansas they have what they call walk in access areas. They pay farmers to let you hunt on their land. I haven’t checked any of the areas out yet but you can bet that I will. I am trying to get my drivers license switched over from Georgia to Kansas but I have to have an original birth certificate which I can’t find and am having to jump through hoops to get from the state. Once I get my license switched over I can get a resident Kansas hunting license 60 days after that.

So it may be the middle to late November before I can hunt here in Kansas. I could fork out some big bucks for a non resident license but don’t think I want to go that route, unless I run across a 150+ buck while out scouting new areas.

I am really pumped about a trip to Illinois again this year. We should be right smack dab during the rut and it should make for an exciting week bow hunting in Illinois.

It is good to finally be getting back to some type of routine and I look forward to posting a lot more often now. I hope all of you have a very successful season. If you can take a child or friend with you you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

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6 thoughts on “Deer Hunting Kansas”

  1. Good to hear that you’ve gotten settled in; and that the family is settled in as well.

    I have to say I’m extremely jealous. 80 acres to live on, you live in Kansas which has some big whitetails and hardly any pressure, and you get to bow hunt in Illinois.

    I can’t wait to see the results of that trip.

    Good luck.

  2. Nice. Looks like you have an awesome setup and I may be willing to place a bet that you won’t be able to wait until middle to late November if you start seeing some monster’s strolling around in your area 🙂

    Keep us posted on what you see out there,


  3. I am north of wichita and have not seen much movement on deer yet. Will hunt around Newton and Hutch. Let me know when you see bucks moving. I hunt 150 yards from the back door and down a half mile on my land. what fun!

  4. Thanks for your post it was a nice quick read.
    Unlike you I live and hunt in Nevada for Mule deer along with my family, we travel about 400 miles from the LasVegas area to north central nevada hunt unit 101-108 located in the Ruby Mountains.We are on a lottery system here so on average you get to kill one deer about every threee years. With that being said my 18 year old son and my wife have tags this year.This is my wifes first hunt ever and she is very excited to be going we leave here in four days for our week long deer hunting trip.
    Deer hunting has been in our family for generations and I introduce hunting in general to all my friends and family that show interest in it. My Dad hunted from Wisconsin to nevada for over 60 years as he was able and finally had to give it up at 80 or 81 years old, we lost him two years ago (God Bless his Spirit). He taught me to hunt as i have my boys and now my wife. My wife has a new Cz550 with a very nice Leopold to top it off and we will see how she does, an average shot in her hunting unit is about two hundred yards.Deer are mostly younger bucks but some very nice mulies do roam the lands. I will inform you of how my wifes and my sons hunt goes if I see interest herein about it.
    May each of you be Blessed with dry powder and straight clean shots, I and we wish all of you a fantastic hunt this year.
    Please introduce a child or a friend to outdoor sports to preserve our families heritage in the future,there is nothing more rewarding. Pete D.

  5. I’m only 12 years old and never killed a deer but I love deer hunting I’ev only been 6 or 7 times my whole life. and I a good gun I got a 243 rifle and trust me it is a good gun. I love deer hunting so much I asked my dad if I could go 4 Christmas.

  6. i would like to go deer hunting for a big buck cuz i have never been hunting before and what would be the price for a two day hunt up there

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