World Class Trophy Whitetail

I was talking to my supervisor at work the other day about deer hunting and he told me about a guy that had a picture of a world class trophy whitetail that a friend of his had caught on trail camera. So when I saw this guy come by I asked him if I could see the monster buck. He was a super nice guy. We started talking about deer hunting and he showed me the picture. When I saw it my jaw hit the floor. I love talking to someone who is as passionate about deer hunting as I am. Immediately could tell Mike was passionate about whitetails. I told him I would like to share the pictures here and he said that would be fine. I really appreciate him letting me share these pictures of this amazing buck with everyone.

World Class Trophy Whitetail Buck

world class trophy whitetail
World class trophy whitetail caught on trail camera in Missouri.

These trail camera photos were taken in Missouri and yes he is still out there. The picture quality is not the  best in the world but good enough to know this is a world class trophy whitetail. If this doesn’t get you fired up for deer season nothing will. What do you think this stud will score? Mike said he thinks around 220 plus. Just to see a buck of this caliber on someone else’s trail camera is awesome, but can you imagine how he felt the first time he saw this buck show up on his camera? I don’t think I would be able to sleep a wink, for thinking about this buck night and day. What an incredible deer I hope he gets this beast. I will keep you updated if I hear anything else about the pursuit of this amazing buck.


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  1. HOLY COW !!! Buck of a lifetime for sure. Keep us posted and let us know if he gets this bad boy.


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