Tough Illinois Week Deer Hunting

Well we just returned from a tough Illinois week deer hunting.

Illinois Week Deer Hunting

We were greeted by very warm temperatures once again this year when we arrived in Illinois. We saw very few deer while deer hunting and that seemed to be the sentiment with all the other hunters we talked to as well. The warm weather had the deer moving mainly at night. With the moon being full most of the activity was happening at night. For the second straight year temperatures were in the mid seventies. I saw one deer from the stand on a six day hunt. Talk about frustrating and being mentally and physically drained. You try to keep a positive attitude but I wont lie it was hard to do. We put out two trail cameras and almost all of the activity was at night or right at dark or daybreak.

Cool Temperatures

doe in Illinois on our week long deer hunting trip
Trail camera photo taken over a fresh scrape on our recent trip to Illinois Week Deer Hunting.

One morning the temperatures were in the upper forties and I was able to rattle in a nice 10 pointer. He came straight to me across a cow pasture. Surely I thought I had him fooled. As he is coming right to me when he got to about forty yards out he made a right turn for some reason and walked away. I don’t know if he smelled me or what but he knew something wasn’t right. Then I tried to turn him with every call I had up my sleeve but he wasn’t having it. I grunted, I bleated, I rattled, I did snort wheeze you name it. He just slowly walked away. Talk about frustration, I got it on film but trying to film myself while getting ready for a shot I only got some decent footage.

Oh well it was a fun week of chasing big bucks.

Wounded Doe

My hunting partner Troy shot a doe on the last day of our hunt but we couldn’t find her. He thinks he hit her a little to far forward and hit her in the shoulder. Even though we didn’t get any big bucks it was a fun week of deer hunting with friends. I plan on going on a hunt here in Kansas this weekend so maybe my luck will change for the better. I hope you all are having a great deer season so far. Those bucks are really on the move here in Kansas. How about where you hunt has the chasing started yet?


2 thoughts on “Tough Illinois Week Deer Hunting”

  1. That is defiantly a disappointing week.

    The rut is in full swing here in wisconsin, stuck a 10 pointer on wednesday but was not able to recover him.

  2. The bucks are definitely moving around here – and I saw a monster yesterday last Saturday.

    I know how you feel about hunting, though. It can be frustrating sometimes, and I just did an all day sit on Sunday – our opening day of firearm season – and didn’t see one deer.

    Keep at it, though, and good luck this weekend.

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