Deer Hunting November Big Bucks Down

deer hunting November
This is the buck Robert harvested when it was in velvet he took it deer hunting in November.

I just love deer hunting November. Seeing all the trophies being taken is awesome. It seems each year the bucks get bigger. I think all the Quality Deer Management is really paying off. The big bucks are on the move in Georgia. Thanks to my buddies back in Georgia for sending me some pictures of some Georgia big bucks.

Deer Hunting November

Robert McDonald harvested this very nice 9 pointer on November 1,2009 deer hunting in Putnam county in Georgia. This buck had been seen on trail camera since July and was know to be quite a wanderer.

Georgia nine pointer
This is one of the big bucks Robert took.

He got in the stand at 4:00 pm on November 1st and at 4:05 the buck showed up in a clear-cut with his nose in the air trying to wind a hot doe. Robert made a sixty yard shot with his 7mm mag and the buck ran to the tree he was in and laid down 20 yards away. Robert said it was an awesome feeling to be able to see horns from the stand and as hard as he tried to hunt till dark he just had to get down and check out his trophy whitetail. I don’t blame you there Robert, I would have had to get down and check him out too!

Robert Scores a nice Buck

trophy whitetail
Robert was near a clear-cut on November 1,2009 in Putnam county in Georgia when he took this very nice trophy whitetail.

Congratulations Robert on a great buck! That is awesome to have a nice buck on trail camera and to be able to harvest him. I bet you have already got a spot picked out to hang him on the wall.

Have you had any luck deer hunting November this year? I’ve seen a lot of really nice bucks people have gotten. I have hunted hard this year but don’t have much to show for it. I just thank the good lord for each chance I get to get out in the woods. I’m not even getting close to giving up on that monster yet. I think I’ll go  Monday morning before I go to work. That’s if my boss (wife) doesn’t mind.


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