Deer Hunting Georgia

I hope everyone is having a great season. I have had an uneventful year of deer hunting  Georgia.

Deer Hunting Georgia

buck taken deer hunting Georgia
Deer hunting Georgia can be action packed.

I received some more pictures from my buddies in Georgia. A couple of nice bucks they took back in my home state. Ronnie killed this great buck in Lincoln county in Georgia.

Georgia rifle whitetailAnd DHBB Pro-Staff member Troy took another fine Putnam county buck. Congratulations on your bucks guys, I sure miss deer hunting Georgia.

The Move

With us moving to Kansas in August with two weeks notice. I have had to kind of wing it as far as finding a place to go. I found a great looking piece of public ground about an hour from our house here in Kansas. But with limited time for scouting it has been a tough season for me so far. I have seen four whitetails from the stand this year. As far as big bucks go I have seen only one this year that I rattled up in Illinois. He outsmarted me.

I’ve seen more big bucks while driving in the dark this year than ever before. And I have seen a ton of trophy whitetails while driving to or from work or to go hunting.

Great Potential

I’m hunting a very nice area with crops, water, cover, and lots of sign such as scrapes, rubs, tracks, etc… I know I am hunting a huge buck because the rubs that I have found are huge. I’ve been a little to close to the crops and have decided to change my strategy. Did a little stealth scouting on my last hunt. And have decided to hunt closer to what I believe is the bedding area. A really thick hardwood ridge with a huge grown up CRP field on one side and a huge cornfield on the other.

I just haven’t had time to scout this piece of property. So this past Sunday I decided to sacrifice some time hunting in the stand to scout and find a better place to hunt. The Kansas rifle season opens this week and hopefully my scouting will pay off. It is somewhat different here than in Georgia.The Kansas rifle season opens this week and the rut is pretty much over. I believe the full rut in Kansas where I hunt was from Halloween this year to about the 6th or 7th of November. The very time I was bow-hunting in Illinois. Oh well one of these days I am going to time the rut just right and get one of these Kansas big bucks.

I haven’t given up just yet even though. I’d say it is about the bottom of the seventh inning if you know what I mean.


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