Deer Hunting Coyote Sunday Best

I was able to get a coyote in the front yard the other day. He wasn’t very smart. How’s your deer hunting going this year?

buck killed deer hunting in Missouri
Deer Hunting Big Bucks is working on a story about this huge buck harvested in Missouri.

I am working on a story about this deer, and I wanted to tease you a little. Check out this brute! I’ll have the whole wonderful story and photos and a video to share in the next few days.

Yesterday, after church I got to go do a little deer hunting. I hunted a great looking spot on the edge of some real thick hardwoods and a big CRP field that meets a huge corn field. I’ve been deer hunting quite a bit this year but I haven’t seen a lot of deer. I am in a rut, no pun intended. Yesterday was no different, I didn’t see the first whitetail. I saw a bunch of pick-up trucks but no deer.

I’m at a great spot from all the sign I am seeing. It is wore out with whitetail sign. I am making sure to take all the steps for scent control and using the wind in my favor. It has just been tough for me seeing whitetails this year. I am frustrated but will not give up on this spot. Hopefully my luck will change. It just takes one hunt to score on one of those big bucks and change the whole season.


Last week my boys and I were outside and we saw some coyotes way down in the back of our pasture. So I went and got my video camera and filmed them.

coyote shot in yard
This coyote wasn’t very Wiley, I shot him in the front yard.

I was planning on going to Cabela’s and getting a predator call and filming myself calling them in and shooting them. My boys like to play outside and it kind of freaks me out having coyotes so close by. Then yesterday as was was getting ready for church and my wife says there is a coyote in the front yard. So I made a b-line to my deer rifle and got some shells and snuck out the back door and eased around the front of the house.

About the time I saw him he saw me and decided it was time to leave but it was to late. Not to brag but I was an expert marksman in the Army and a moving coyote at 70 yards was no problem. My 7mm short mag did a number on him! It was the first time I have ever been hunting in my Sunday best.

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  1. I have to be honest here – that is one of the best hunting photos I’ve ever saw. A victory picture in your Sunday best. Awesome.

    And kill as many of those ‘yotes as you can. They are a menace.

  2. Yikes! Keep those varmints away from my grandbabies! Good job and great article. I miss ya’ll – Love Gran

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