Food Plots Key Deer Hunting Success

Now that deer season is winding down and winter is upon us, food plots are more important than ever for the whitetail deer. They can be key to deer hunting success.

Food Plots Are A Key Factor

A great place on your deer hunting property to harvest late season big bucks is food plots.

deer hunting successLearning the whitetails feeding habits can help you figure out where to set up. To get a shot at one of the big bucks after the rut is over and food becomes critical for the deer to survive the harsh winter.

Look for trails

I like to look for trails leading to and from food plots or crops. And set up down wind of these trails. I like to get close to what I believe is the bedding area. But not too close that I let the deer know that I am there. That is why it is important to make sure the wind is in your favor. And be as quiet as possible to avoid being busted by the whitetails.

Deer Hunting Transition Areas

Yesterday was the last day of rifle season here in Kansas. But I still plan on doing some serious deer hunting. I haven’t been able to harvest a whitetail this deer season but I’m not giving up just yet. I plan on setting up on the trails that I have found leading to the corn fields where I am deer hunting. If you have crops on your property just find the trails leading to and from them. Get close to the bedding area in the transition area. The big bucks can lose up to 30 percent of their body weight during the rut. So once the rut is over they start feeding like crazy to replace the fat they lost. To get ready for the tough winter months ahead.

Find Food

If your property doesn’t have food plots or crops look for acorns or grasses. If the frost has taken it’s toll on the grasses and the acorns are gone the whitetails turn to browsing on maple, red and white oak, cedar, sumac, basswood, apple.

It may be late deer season, but that doesn’t mean it is over yet. If you are having a tough time harvesting a big deer like me, don’t give up just yet.

It only takes one hunt to make a great season. If things haven’t worked out for you this year the way you had hoped, don’t let it get you down. The main thing is to keep trying and be persistent. Persistence pays off, hard work pays off. I have a friend that harvested the biggest buck of his life many years ago on the last evening on the last day of the season. It was New Years day and I had already given up on getting a trophy whitetail that year but he hadn’t, he was in his stand right before dark on the last day of the season. Just before dark he shot the biggest whitetail of his 55 years of hunting.

So even if the rut is over and my chances don’t look too good I’m not giving up just yet. I look at it like each time I go and don’t see anything the better my chances get at harvesting that buck of a lifetime. And food sources are going to be the key to my deer hunting success as I plan on getting that monster.


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