Giant Missouri Buck Bow Hunting

Missouri monster buckI love to see  kids getting outdoors bow hunting. I received a call back in November from my friend Brad who told me about a giant Missouri buck that had been harvested by a fifteen year old boy with a bow. A friend of his Shawn at work had called him and told him about it. Brad asked me if I would like to go over and see the buck and do a story about it on here. I told him I would love to do a story on it.

The next day my son and I drove over and got to meet Taylor and his family and they were kind enough to let me take some video footage of the Pope and Young buck and do a story on here.

Giant Missouri Buck Down

giant Missouri buck

The boys name is Taylor and him and his brother Tayden woke up a little late that day but got up and went out and sat on a log together and had been using a doe bleat when this monster buck showed up. Taylor made a great shot and harvested a beautiful once in a lifetime buck bow hunting.

Unofficial Score

I unofficially scored the buck around 185 gross and 175 net. To harvest a Pope and Young buckTaylor's eight oint buck of this caliber at fifteen is just awesome. Now I don’t know but I would like to see where Taylor’s buck ranks all-time of whitetails taken by a fifteen year old with a bow. I would think it would rank very well.

Brothers Turn

Just a few days after Taylor harvested his buck with his brother Tayden watching, it was Tayden’s turn bow hunting. He took a nice eight point buck. Way to go Taylor and Tayden it looks like the future of deer hunting is in good hands.

Sometimes I think us hunters tend to complicate deer hunting to much with all the products and gadgets and everything. If we would just keep it simple we would probably see more bucks. I guess it comes down to being at the right place at the right time.

Congratulations to Taylor and Tayden on such a great story of a giant Missouri buck. I’m sure it is a hunt that you two as brothers will cherish and remember for a very long time.

Memories are what it’s all about

Being in the great outdoors making memories like this with family and friends is something that we should fight to keep. To pass on the great American heritage of hunting to our kids and theirs. There are many people out there who want to take away our privilege to hunt. We can do more to help protect wildlife and it’s habitat and it starts with us being good stewards of the land and being responsible ethical hunters.

Awesome story guys thank you for letting me share it here.

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