Finding Big Bucks Sheds

Now is a great time to get out and do some post season scouting and start looking for some big bucks sheds .

Big Bucks Sheds

big buck sheds antlers
Big bucks sheds start dropping in the late winter and early spring.
male deer feeding
Now is the time to start looking on your deer hunting property for sheds.

A great way to get some exercise and learn more about where the monsters are hanging out on your property is shed hunting. I have heard there are some really nice sheds being found already. And I am getting the itch to get out and and start looking. The big bucks sheds have already started dropping here in Kansas and Missouri. My buddy sent me some pictures that some friends of his sent him of some very nice sheds. I get fired up seeing the big bucks sheds that are found every year.

Train your Dog

I read a really cool article in a deer hunting magazine about a place in Missouri that will train your dog or sell you a dog just for finding sheds. It seems some people take their shed hunting pretty serious.

A great place to start looking on your deer hunting property is in the edges of food plots or fields or feeding areas and the trails leading to and from the food plots. Who knows you might find some sheds of that monster you’ve got on trail camera.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was headed home from work and saw two very nice whitetails bedded. They were on the side of a hill near the road. Snow was on the ground so it made it easy for me to spot them. I am sure they have shed their antlers by now. I bet they are laying somewhere near where I saw the deer bedded. Finding a trophy whitetails sheds can be an awesome feeling. Then to try to harvest a trophy buck that you actually have found his sheds now that would be really cool.


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  1. I found one side of an 8 pointer a couple of weeks ago. Couldn’t find the other side. I hope to get back out and look again today. I have good luck just following trails, and searching extra hard where trails cross ditches, creeks, or thicker areas with heavy brush that can coax a bucks rack free.
    I did catch some game camera video in Kentucky in late March last year of a 10 pointer with a fully intact rack, but I did see a buck last week with just one side.
    You are right. It is an awesome feeling when you go searching for sheds and actually find one. It’s great when a plan comes together. Good luck on your search.

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