Diversify Hunting Property

deer food source on hunting property
Food plots provide quality nutrition for whitetails, improving your hunting property.

Spring is a great time to improve your hunting property. I know it is still spring but with summer right around the corner the big bucks antlers can grow over an inch per day during their growing period. Which is about 150 days and can even grow a lot more than that during the peak of summer. Now is a great time to get those mineral lick sites freshened up. Start planting food plots. Fertilize fruit trees and get those trail cameras out and get some great early pictures of those big bucks.

We moved to Kansas last August and was able to do some deer hunting in Kansas last year. This year I plan on being ready. I am so pumped to be deer hunting in Kansas. It is a great state for big bucks. I believe one of the main reasons there are so many trophy whitetails in Kansas is the quality nutrition available for the deer.

Hunting Property

I have noticed the farmers are plowing the fields getting ready to plant the corn. The more quality nutrition available means more trophy whitetails. Some hunters think genetics make a bucks antlers bigger but good nutrition and letting them get older will make a huge  difference.

The key to having a hunting property that provides nutritional needs for your whitetail herd is diversity. Clear-cuts, old fields, CRP, food plots, mast such as acorns, apples,, pears, persimmons during autumn and soft mass like blackberries all provide different types of food sources. The deer need at different times of the year. The more diverse your property’s food sources are the more trophy whitetails it will attract.

quality nutrition
Quality food means trophy whitetails.

Control Burning

Control burning let’s the native grasses grow better. Also they provide quality nutrition. So diversify your deer property by planting food plots that provide quality nutrition year round. Control burn, properly manage old fields and watch those brutes get bigger each year. I dream about owning my own hunting land one day. I would love to be able to manage my own property. That is one really good thing about living in Kansas there is a whole lot of agriculture that provides the whitetails quality nutrition year round. Man I’m getting pumped just thinking about September!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your article.

    I think you have done a fantastic job of detailing acorns apples and food plots, I will be following your blog in the future & have added you to my blog roll. Very nicely done, Keep up the good work.

  2. This is very informative article. Unfortunately we are not that luckily here in California and don’t have some of the luxuries that people in the Midwest do. Only one buck a year. 🙁

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