Deer Hunting Whitetails Winding Down

feeding deer hunting whitetails How’s your deer hunting whitetails been this year? I have seen a lot of nice bucks harvested this year. I haven’t been able to hunt as much as I would have liked the last part of the season. How about you? Have you been able to get out deer hunting?

Deer Hunting Whitetails


I had one of the best early seasons that I have ever had as far as seeing whitetails. After the rut I just haven’t gotten out much. I saw several big bucks this year from the stand but only one was in bow range and I missed him at 35 yards. Did you see any big bucks? Did you get to go much this year?

The Kansas rut always seems to go by so fast to me. And if you work and don’t schedule your vacation just right you can easily miss the best time to be in the woods when the big bucks are really on the move.mature whitetail

I’ll be glad when I can retire and hunt whitetails full time. That way I wont miss any of the action. All this hard work is messing up my time in the woods. It seemed like it was always something this year right after the rut. Oh well that’s the way it goes. We were able to get some really good video footage and spend a lot of time in the woods getting after them trophies. I hope you had a great season and enjoyed it as much as I did. I am already starting to get ready for next season. It won’t be long now before it is time to go looking for sheds and do some post season scouting.

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  1. Nice bucks. Yeah, I didn’t plan very well this year, and work projects kept me out of the woods more than I’d hoped for. If anything, it made me want to make sure I plan adequate time off next year.

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