Favorite Deer Hunting States

I wanted to share a few of my deer hunting states. Just the other day I was thinking about how lucky I am to have been transferred to Kansas, and to be able to hunt as a resident of what I believe is one of the best states to hunt whitetails. This past season was my second in Kansas and it was a great year.

great places to deer hunt
There are some great deer hunting states all over the United States.

Even though I didn’t get one of those monsters I was after. I missed him at 35 yards with my bow and yes I got a little buck fever. He was only the biggest buck I have ever shot at with my bow or gun for that matter. So I thought I would do a post on my favorite states I have hunted and the states that I most want to go deer hunting. I just took a look outside and realized it is snowing like crazy, that’s one thing I learned about Kansas if you are going to hunt here you better dress warm. That northwest wind is cold. So here is my list of states that I have hunted that are my favorite deer hunting states.

Deer Hunting States I love

  1. Georgia

    – I grew up chasing whitetails in the Piedmont region of Georgia. With it’s rolling hardwood ridges and tall Georgia pines, swamps and fields. It’s my home turf and always will be my favorite state just purely from a sentimental point of view. I remember sitting in that permanent stand my dad and I built for the very first time. My dad dropped me off and watched me climb up in the stand and then went to get up in his stand not to far away. As the sun came up I remember sitting on the edge of that cold seat and every sense in my body was at full alert. The squirrels started bouncing through the hardwoods and the birds began singing. I sat and waited for my first encounter with a whitetail.

It was 8:55am when I heard the unforgettable sound of the deer running towards me. It all happened so fast and I watched in amazement as the big doe effortlessly jumped the big creek I was perched over. I have been hooked on the great outdoors and chasing whitetails ever since that cold November day in Madison county in Georgia. So this is why Georgia is my favorite state to hunt. I have so many great memories of chasing whitetails in Georgia.

  1. Kansas

    – I have hunted for two years in Kansas and it is definitely one of the best states to hunt whitetails in my book. The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Kansas was the unbelievable amount of corn and soybeans everywhere. It is obviously a whitetail paradise. Not to mention you can bait deer in Kansas legally. I had never baited deer before but it is a definite plus. Another thing that I like being a bow hunter is the rifle season is short and after the rut. It give the bucks a chance to mature and get all nice and big!

3.   Illinois– I harvested my biggest buck ever public hunting in Illinois.

buck killed in a great deer hunting state Illinois
I harvested this buck hunting in Illinois on public land.

And the next year I rattled in a very nice buck and got him almost within bow range but his sixth sense told him something was up. So in two weeks total hunting in Illinois I saw two of my biggest mature bucks ever with a bow in hand. Enough said. When you are hunting in Illinois you can just tell it is big buck heaven.

States I Would Love To Hunt

  1. Montana

    – I grew up watching Team Realtree and seeing them hunting the milk river in Montana. It just looked like a beautiful place to hunt and the unbelievable number of deer was well, unbelievable.

  2. Kentucky

    – When I was growing up I never realized Kentucky was such a great place to hunt whitetails. I started hearing more and more about the big bucks being taken in Kentucky. Recently I thought I may be transferred to Kentucky and my wife and kids and I drove up there to look around to see if we would like to live there. I could tell right away that there was plenty of prime whitetail habitat in Kentucky. One day I want to hunt Kentucky.

  3. Iowa

    Iowa trophy buck
    Big bucks like this trophy whitetail caught on trail camera on a farm in Iowa are plentiful there.

    – I have heard about  and seen a lot of big bucks coming from Iowa. With all that corn it  has to be awesome. The stories I hear from friends that hunt in Iowa it is awesome. I have a friend at work who has a farm in Iowa and some of the trail camera pictures on here are from his farm. He has some big bucks running around his farm and a lot of them..

4 thoughts on “Favorite Deer Hunting States”

  1. Adam,
    I live in Kentucky and there are some pretty decent deer here. Some counties consistently turn out better deer than others, but but there are great opportunities everywhere. You would love our lengthy bow season. It is anticipated to run from Sept 3 – Jan 16th this year.

  2. Hey Greg, that is a nice long bow season. I’d love to hunt Kentucky someday. I have seen some really nice bucks when I was driving through Kentucky. One time I pulled over and filmed a huge buck from the side of the road. I’m adding your site to my blogroll.

  3. Awesome, appreciated. I just dropped off a lease that I’d been on for the last 8 years, but am working on some new hunting spots. Look me up if you ever find yourself in KY. Maybe we can work something out.

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