Gone Shed Hunting

I can’t believe it is March and it’s time to go shed hunting.

Gone Shed Hunting

shed hunting trophy buck
I will be looking for this big bucks antlers when I go shed hunting.

I’m going out tomorrow shed hunting on two close by deer hunting properties to see if I can find some bone.  I would love to find the big bucks sheds that I missed with my bow at 35 yards. Got it all on film to enjoy over and over and over. He may have won that battle but I’m not giving up on him just yet. I am more determined than ever to get him. If I can find his sheds that might help me figure him out and get him in my freezer and on my wall.

His nickname is mulie because his G-2s fork and look like a mule deer. Not to mention that joker is absolutely huge as a mule. Talk about a big bodied whitetail I bet he is pushing 300 pounds. I’m hoping he is still in the area although I haven’t gotten a single trail camera picture of him since the day I missed him with my bow.

Cut Corn

They cut the corn about the same day I missed him. I don’t know if that’s why he left the area or if there was a hot doe that brought him into the area and once she went out he left. Or if I just scared him out. Either way I’ll be looking forward to looking for his sheds when I get out shed hunting tomorrow and trying to get after him with my bow when it’s time to go deer hunting.

Hit List Buck

nice whitetail behind house
This whitetail buck showed up a lot during bow season.

On the property I hunt behind my house I am really looking forward to walking it and see if a certain buck made it through another deer hunting season. He was close to being on my hit list but just wasn’t quite what I was after. I saw him from the stand once during early bow season but it was just for a split second. I was praying he would make it through the season because he had a lot of potential he just needed to get another year under his belt but I’m not so sure he made it.

Wounded Buck

The neighbors shot and wounded a buck and couldn’t find him. I didn’t get to talk to them but I didn’t get another trail camera picture of the buck. I was hoping would make it through to next season so I think it might have been him. Either way it will be fun to get out and see what I can find.

Public Hunting Land

There is some public land that I hunt that is about an hour from where I live. I want to go walk and see what kind of bone I can find. I’ve seen some really nice bucks there during the rut this year. There are a lot of big bucks on it so I need to get out and walk it. If you get the chance to get out and look for some antlers do it, it is a lot of fun and addicting.

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4 thoughts on “Gone Shed Hunting”

  1. Shed hunting is alot of fun! I hope to get out this weekend and see what i can find…..and by the way i wouldnt be to worried about that buck being killed ive worried myself if certain bucks in my past have survived and most of them i come across again…..thats why they survive…. and winter can be some of the best times to intercept these big bucks….good luck!

  2. Those are some great photos of bucks with your game camera. Looks like Moultrie D55 with IR. Love that camera. Good luck with your shed hunts!


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