Bow Hunting White Tailed Deer

There is no greater challenge in my opinion than bow hunting white tailed deer.

eight point buck I saw archery hunting

I have hunted white tailed deer for 30 years now. Nothing other than trying to hit a golf-ball straight is more challenging than consistently harvesting mature white tailed deer bow hunting.

Matching Wits

bow hunting whitetail deer
A mature trophy buck can be very hard to outsmart.

There is just something special about using a primitive weapon deer hunting matching wits with a trophy buck. It takes great attention to detail thorough scouting and countless hours on the stand. Getting up at 4:00am when you easily could be tucked in a nice warm bed.

Bow Hunting White Tailed Deer

It takes getting the animal within a very close range. Which anyone who has gone bow hunting knows it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to use the wind to your favor. Because if they have an unbelievable sense of smell. If they smell you the game is over and they will be long gone. Then once the buck is in range you have to be able to draw your bow without being seen or heard. Sound easy? Well I promise you it’s not!

Bow Hunting

I grew up chasing deer all over Georgia, with a bow and rifle. But once I experienced harvesting a big deer with my bow it is the only way I prefer to hunt now. The extreme rush of taking that animal at such a close range with a primitive weapon was something I wanted to experience more. The challenge of matching wits with such a smart beautiful creature was a challenge that unless you have tried it you just can’t understand. It is not even all about the kill. It’s so many things, the harvest is just a part of it. Yeah it’s a big part of it but not the only part.

Let them Walk

Last year I let about 20 bucks walk right by that I could have gotten shots at. A couple of them were really nice. Just seeing them and being out in the great outdoors breathing in that fresh air is very rewarding. I have successful seasons without ever taking a shot. If you get a chance to introduce archery to a child or friends, do it. Studies have shown that children that get involved in the great outdoors at an early age are less likely to get in trouble. Harvesting a big trophy buck is far better than running the streets doing drugs or getting into trouble. Spending time shooting archery or chasing whitetails is a great way to spend time with your family. I promise it will bring your family closer and you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Once you experience being face to face with a trophy buck at close range with a bow in your hand you will have never felt a rush like that. Then you will crave those short moments of those close encounters for the rest of your life!

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