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I wanted to thank the good folks over at GameGlide. They recently included Deer Hunting Big Bucks in a recent post on their blog titled The Top & Most Influential Hunting Blogs. It was a honor to be included in such a great list of hunting blogs. It’s great to know they enjoy reading Deer Hunting Big Bucks. We hope you all enjoy visiting us from time to time. You can go over and check out the post by clicking this link The Top Most Influential Hunting Blogs. Go over and check it out and visit their site and see what looks like a great product they are offering. I haven’t tried their product out yet but you can bet that I hope to this upcoming season.

This past season I did a lot of deer hunting. A lot of my hunts were on a great piece of public land about an hour away from where I live in Kansas. It was out in the boonies. I hunted quite a bit by myself and was wondering, if I kill a big buck way out here in the middle of nowhere by my self how in the world would I get him out of here? I just figured I would worry about that when and if that time ever came. It was either hunt by myself or don’t hunt at all. I know it isn’t the smartest thing to do go by my self, but I elected to do it rather than sitting at home on the couch.

Hunting Sled

If you kill a big buck you will figure out a way to get him out of the woods. I was wanting to get a cart but just wasn’t able to afford one at the time. Had I known about the GameGlide I sure would have had one in my backpack. Well you can bet this season I’ll have one in my backpack.  I was checking out their site and they have videos, a blog, pictures, news and even live wildlife cams. The wildlife cams are really cool. I can’t wait to try the GameGlide with a big ole buck. I thinking it sure would make that drag a lot easier on my back, dragging a whitetail through the woods. Your buddies will probably thank you too when they are helping you get that big boy out of the woods.

I also went over to youtube and found a great video on their ultra light hunting sled.

gameglide needed for this brute
I could have used the GameGlide on this deer hunting trip in Illinois.

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