Baiting Southern Zone Georgia

deer at baiting pile
Baiting is a controversial topic.

How do you feel about baiting? I have lived here in Kansas for two years now and baiting is legal here and somehow it just doesn’t feel right doing it deer hunting.


feeding deer
Baiting deer is legal in some states.

I grew up deer hunting in Georgia mainly in the northern zone some in the southern zone, and for thirty plus years I have hunted without the use of bait. During all those years I have done just fine without it.  Now that I am in Kansas where it is legal I have hunted over bait and it just doesn’t seem right. I’m not saying I won’t do it again, I will but it just is not something that I am used to doing. The one good thing that baiting does is provide the whitetails food during the harsh winter months when they are struggling to survive the extreme conditions.

Brutal Winter Harsh on Deer

For the first time in my life I saw a deer that was laying there about to die from the extreme conditions and it wasn’t something I enjoyed seeing. That being said you can supplemental feed without deer hunting over it. But then there is the issue of spreading disease while supplemental feeding. When you have animals eating from the same place how can you not risk spreading disease?   Well it looks like baiting may become a reality in the southern zone in Georgia. I know this is a very sensitive topic and many people have many different opinions on the subject. How do you feel about it?

Food Plots

On a different note are you planting any food plots this spring? Planting food sources and hunting the food sources is the best way to hunt in my book. Do you get soil samples of your food plot areas before you plant them? If you don’t you may not be getting the most out of your food plots. Soil samples are inexpensive and easy to do and  make a big difference in the quality of your plots. It’s not to late to get those soil samples if you plan on planting this spring. If you don’t have the resources to plant food plots on property that you hunt then the more post season scouting you can do to locate food sources and bedding areas and travel corridors in between the more prepared you will be when the season rolls around.

I have found a great way to find prime spots is using google earth. You can really locate bottlenecks and other key areas such as hardwoods and bedding areas. If you haven’t tried it you might want to give it a try. You might be surprised how handy of a scouting tool it can be.


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  1. food plots are really just a big natural bait pile in my opinion. no difference than dumping a bushel of corn and both are hoping for the same results.

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