Whitetail Deer Hunting Windy Days

buck killed hunting windy day
Deer hunting windy days can be frustrating but also can be rewarding.
jasper county buck
The nice buck dad got hunting in strong wind.

Windy days can be very frustrating when deer hunting windy days. That being said deer hunting windy days  can be to your advantage.

Deer Hunting Windy Days

The whitetail buck on the left here is my father’s best buck ever. Taken on a very blustery afternoon of deer hunting. The big bucks are far less likely to pick off your movements when it is windy. Just this past season here in Kansas I decided to go scout a piece of public land.

Wind is my advantage this day

The season had already started and I had been wanting to check out this particular piece of property. It was around lunch time and the wind was blowing like crazy. I found a place where I could enter with the wind in my face. Slowly, I started easing in looking for trails rubs or scrapes. As I made my way over a hill I spotted antlers shining in the sun about 35 yards away. The wind was howling. This big 8 pointer had no clue I was there. He bedded on the side of the hardwood ridge in the sun. He wasn’t the type of buck I was after, but never the less he was a nice whitetail.

I filmed him for about 25 minutes until he finally got up and meandered off. Could I have stalked up closer to him and shot him with my bow if he had been a shooter?

I prefer to still hunt on really windy days rather than to hunt from a tree stand. I’ve been in trees on windy days that I had to hug. I was so shook up the wind was whipping that tree around so hard. It would be really hard to make a clean ethical shot if your tree was constantly whipping around from the wind. That’s why I prefer to be stalking. For the most part big bucks bed down on windy days. Not always though especially if the pre-rut or rut is kicking in.

Windy Day Buck

The whitetail my father killed was on a very blustery mid-day and he was up following does. Because the wind is blowing doesn’t always mean those big bucks are going to be bedded. Either way just because it is very windy outside you might not want to sleep in. Don’t use the wind as an excuse to do so. You might just have the best hunt of your life on that very windy day.

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  1. Deer hunting is always tough. Your guide certainly makes it easy for me. I am dreaming for hunting deer at least one time in life. This kind awesome guide surely keeps me motivated. Thank you

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mitch. I hope you get to deer hunt sometime. You will make memories that will last a lifetime.

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