Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting

I saw this video of  Kansas whitetail deer hunting that is awesome. Can you imagine seeing this out hunting? I only dream about seeing a buck of this caliber. My wife and father-in-law saw a buck of this caliber about 3/4 of a mile from where I have a deer stand on one of my favorite properties that I have permission to hunt. One day I am going to see a buck like this while I am deer hunting. I would probably pass out from getting so excited.

Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting

I live in Kansas and there is something special about this state when it comes to deer hunting.

Kansas farm silosIt is just a whitetail paradise. There are so many fields and crops and cover and water and just abundant food sources. Plus what I believe really sets Kansas apart from other states is their regulations. There is only a very short muzzle loader season and a very short rifle season.

Long Bow Season

Basically the whole season is bow season, which is awesome. Riffle and muzzle-loader seasons are nowhere near the rut and that lets the bucks get big, simply because it is such a challenge to get a mature buck with a bow. Plus it is a how do I put this? It is not a very friendly non-resident state to hunt.  They only let non-resident hunters hunt two compartments and they must join each other and that limits the non-resident. I have a cousin who is coming to hunt with me this year and luckily the places I have scouted for us to hunt are in adjoining compartments. If they weren’t we would only be able to hunt in one because you have to pick two compartments that adjoin. That limits non-residents.

Bow Hunt Only During Rut

What I really like being a bow-hunter is I get to hunt the rut with my bow with no pressure from the guns except the short early season muzzle-loader. If you muzzle loader hunt Kansas is a great place to catch a big buck in his early season feeding pattern. I am planning on getting me a muzzle loader in the near future. I’d like to get one of these big Kansas brutes with a muzzle-loader. The time to get a non-resident license is right now if you are planning on coming to Kansas this year. I was surprised but last year they ended up selling out. You can click on the Kansas link on the right side of this page under the hunting links for more information. Kansas is a great state for big whitetail bucks and is beautiful too.

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