Deer Hunting Filming Hunts

.Well the other day I got my new Canon XH-A1s and I am ready to go deer hunting. I can’t wait, this fall I will be filming hunts.

Filming Hunts

hunting footage will be filming hunts this year.

I shopped around for video cameras. For my price range the Canon XH-A1s is the one that I decided to go with. It has all the features I wanted like a 20x zoom, dual xlr inputs and is HD. I have been using a Canon to record my deer hunting adventures for the past several years. We believe Canon is a dependable good quality camera. I’ve had one issue with my Canon camera in the past and their customer service was good. They took care of my problem. We can’t wait to film some big bucks in full rut deer hunting in Kansas. Last year I got a lot of different bucks on filming hunts with my old video camera.

filming hunts
Filmed hunts can be tough if especially if you are doing it solo.

I can’t wait to see some footage on my new HD camera. I need several items.

Camera Arm

I’m wanting to get a good camera arm. I have heard a lot of really good things about HunterCam Cradle camera arms. I plan on getting one as soon as possible. Also I need a camera light, a shotgun mic with a wind sock, a wireless mic system, a tri-pod, and other things. Needless to say I’ve got to be saving some money. Filming hunts is expensive. Also I have got to purchase a couple of more stands, and blinds, and I need another trail camera.

Hunting Footage

We plan on getting some great footage next season and are going to get after those trophy bucks. I am still trying to get a Pope & Young buck, last year I missed a very nice buck that easily would have been a Pope & Young. I got it all on film and it still makes me sick to think about it. This year hopefully things will turn out differently. I am reading up on my camera as much as I can to learn the camera inside out. There are a lot of different buttons and learning each one of them and the capabilities of the camera is a lot of information but I am studying hard to learn as much as I can. Using the camera as much as I can.

Turkey Hunts

I am going to be filming some turkey hunts next week. I’ll be getting on the job training. One of my buddies I hunted with last year had a camera similar to the one I have now and he taught me a lot about what not and what to do. So I can’t wait for the season to get here, it is going to be a lot of fun and hopefully I’ll get some great footage.


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