Plant Deer Hunting Food Plots

oat and ryeIt’s time to plant  hunting food plots. It is about that time to get your spring and summer food plots planted on your deer hunting property. I have heard of some people who have already planted. Others have gotten sites ready and are just waiting for the right time to put the seed in the ground. Their is still some cold weather here in the mid-west. It might not be a bad idea to wait a little while to put the seed in the ground.

Hunting Food Plots

If you plant to early and we get several days of cold or wet weather or both it could affect the seeds. You might not get as thick of food plot as you would if you wait until the cold weather is gone. It is a fine line though because you don’t want to plant to early and you don’t want to plant to late either. Also to much rain can wash away your freshly planted seed. So timing when you plant your seed can be tricky. But by watching your local weather forecast you can plan when you plant you seed and hopefully make a smart decision. A lot of universities have agricultural extension offices that provide basic information on best times to plant what in your region for free.

Seek Advice on Plots

You can also seek advice from a wildlife biologist and a soil scientist. Using resources that are available to you , you should make smart decisions on when to plant and what to plant. To get the most out of your time and efforts. Before you know it it’ll be time to get after those deer.


hunting food plots
Having food plots such as a soybean field on your deer hunting property can improve the health of your deer herd.

If you do a little homework you will be so glad you went the extra mile to improve your property. By planting at the right time and maximizing the food sources for the whitetails where you hunt. This year I am wanting to talk to the landowners on a couple of the properties where I hunt. I want to see if the farmer will leave about a 1/2 acre to an acre of standing corn. Or maybe soybeans and don’t cut it at all. Standing crops during the winter can be a plus. Can attract whitetails from miles around and make for some hot late season action. I would definitely recommend leaving some standing crops if you can on your property to greatly improve your late season chances of getting one of those big bucks

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