Archery Practice

Have you started your archery practice for bow season? You can never start to early preparing to go deer hunting.

Archery Practice Makes Big Difference

archery practice from the stand Archery practice makes perfect right? I like to practice early and often. I like to make practice as similar to deer hunting conditions as possible. Shooting from an elevated location similar to the height my stand would be. And it is good to practice from the ground too. I can’t tell you how many times I have been deer hunting and walked up on a whitetail going to or from my stand. So you need to know where you will be hitting from the ground and from the stand. Some people say you will be hitting high when you are elevated but it is best to see for yourself where your bow is hitting.

The more practice you get the better off you’ll be. Make sure your technique is the same on every shot. Grip, anchor point, follow through it all makes a difference so try to do the same thing every shot.

Check Your Bow

Also every once and a while you want to check your bow for loose screws. Check you sight and arrow rest and your bow, the vibration can cause screws to loosen over time. Also check your string and cables for cuts or frays and wax your string often.

Check Your Arrows

Another thing you need to do is if you are using carbon arrows you need to check them closely for any signs of wear. You need to bend them and  and make sure they aren’t cracked and if they are discard them.

Archery Practice In Full Gear

I like to practice wearing my hunting clothes and gloves, it makes a difference. Also I like to shoot in low light conditions because that is when the majority of your shots will be taken. Not all of your shot opportunities will be in low light conditions but a lot of them will. I also like to put my target in the woods and have to shoot through small windows just like when you are in the woods.

Archery Target

This year I plan on getting a Glen-Dale Full rut target that is a life size deer target. Shot placement is critical and practicing on a life-size whitetail target is a great way to consistently get good shot placement. As a rule it is best to aim a little low when shooting a whitetail with a bow because a whitetails normal reaction is to drop when it hears the string to get a good foothold to bound away from any present danger. This is one rule I know all to well and I bet most bow-hunters who have ever shot at many whitetails with a bow will agree they have experienced. To contact with questions or comments fill out our DHBB contact form.

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