Successful Deer Hunting

Illinois buck with bow
successful deer hunting varies for each hunter

There are many factors to take into consideration that can lead to successful deer hunting. That being said, what is the definition of successful deer hunting? That is defined I believe by what each of us want it to mean. I recently went on a bow-hunting trip to Illinois on public land and did not kill a buck but I was able to rattle in a nice buck and was able to film him coming in and even though he turned out to be smarter than me that one encounter in my eyes made for a successful  trip. I have gone deer hunting on public land off and on for many years and have learned that just being able to encounter a big buck on public land can be quite a challenge.

Tips for Whitetail Hunters

There are many things that hunters can use to their advantage to help them have successful hunts. Some things us hunters use to help us figure out whitetail movement  patterns are weather, moon phases, hunting pressure, food sources, water sources, wind direction, and many more. And they change quite a bit on a regular basis yearly, monthly and even daily.

For Successful Deer Hunting Hunt The Rut

But there is one thing that is fairly consistent from year to year and that is peak rut period. If we can determine the peak rut period in the particular locations we hunt we can be sure to spend as much time in the woods during that peak rut period. We will greatly improve our chances of being able to kill a mature buck. At least see more whitetails on a consistent basis. Even if your definition of success is not to kill big bucks but to put meat on the table for your family. Hunting during the peak rut period will improve your chances at success.

Schedule Vacation During the Rut

The rut always seems to go by so fast every year. That’s why every year I try to figure out when the peak rut will be and schedule my vacation during that time. Because I want to spend as much time in the woods during this period. If possible I like to hunt all day during the rut. If there are does  in estrous the big bucks will be on the move throughout the day. Looking for that receptive doe.

Mid Day Hunting

The mid-day can be just as productive as the morning or evening hours during the rut. To see more whitetails or big bucks in particular you might want to figure out when the peak rut is. Then get in the woods and hunt as much as possible during that period. That doesn’t mean that other times of the year can’t be good times to have successful hunts. The hunt of a lifetime can happen at any point in a season. But to increase your odds of a successful hunt spend as much time as possible in the woods during the peak rut.


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  1. I agree, even though he might have outsmarted you doesn’t mean the hunt wasn’t successful. You rattled him in and saw got to at least see him. That’s a successful hunt in my book!

    Nice article!

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