Scent Control Wind Improve Deer Hunting

Scent Control can be very important when deer hunting. Although I know hunters who smoke and don’t pay any attention to the wind or scent control. They have taken several nice big deer. But you know how the saying goes, a blind squirrel gets a nut every once and a while. I just believe if you are serious about deer hunting and harvesting mature trophy bucks on a consistent basis you must pay attention to wind direction and scent control.

Hunting Products Scent Control

controlling scent
It may be to your advantage to limit your scent when deer hunting.

There are many good products on the market to help you with scent control.There is one noise that makes a hunter cringe when in the woods (other than a nearby gun shot) a whitetail blowing at you is a bad feeling. Although no matter how hard you try to control your scent when deer hunting sometimes it is damn near impossible to keep whitetails from smelling you. Especially if the wind direction is shifting. Even if it is shifting I feel much more confident if I take a few steps to control my scent. I wanted to list a few things that I do to keep my scent at a minimum.

Tips on Being Scent Free

  1. The first thing I do is wash my clothes in some type of liquid clothing wash for hunters. I like the way the  autumn blend smells.
  2. Store your clothes and boots in scent proof bags and maybe throw in a few pine needles or scent wafers or some plain old baking soda.
  3. Take a shower before going hunting using a scent eliminator soap
  4. Use a scent away anti-perspirant deodorant. I like the Hunters Specialties brand.
  5. Keep your boots in a scent bag until you arrive at your property and are fixing to go out. Don’t ever pump gas in your boots.
  6. Use scent eliminator spray and cover scents
  7. Pay attention to wind direction and use it to your advantage
  8. Don’t smoke or dip while in the woods. This one is a hard one for me, I do dip in the woods even though I know I should not.
  9. Wear light clothing when walking to your stand to avoid sweating. Put on more layers once you are at your stand or in your stand.
  10. If the wind shifts and is not to your advantage you will be better off to change stand locations. This is a tough one it can be a tough call to get up and leave a location once you are in the stand but if you are serious about harvesting mature trophy bucks you must pay attention to wind direction.

By paying attention to wind direction and doing your best to control your scent you can put the odds in your favor for a mature trophy buck.


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