Trail Cameras Hot Spots

trail camerasWell it looks  like it is time for me to get busy and get those trail cameras checked. Also I need to refresh my mineral licks. I have had two trail cameras out on some mineral licks for some time now. Although I haven’t checked them lately. I had a buddy and his grandson fly here to Kansas from Georgia to visit us and we went to the Nascar race at Kansas Motor Speedway.

Fishing with the Boys

dale earnhardt truck at kansas motor speedway

They were here for a few days and one day we decided to go fishing at one of our favorite deer hunting properties. The fishing was great and my 5 year old son caught a really nice bass and a big ole catfish and we caught a lot of bream and crappie.

Mature Bucks

This pond is smack dab in the middle of prime land for deer hunting. And as we are sitting there fishing one of the boys says hey look and we look up and there are two does and two nice bucks running across this big field. And you could tell they were some really big bucks. Even though they are just starting to grow their antlers they had some impressive antlers already. You could just tell they were some bigger more mature bucks. It could have been one of the big bucks that I missed this past November with my bow.

Trail Cameras

Now I’m all fired up and this week I’ll be putting out some more Whitetail Institute 30-06 mineral/salt supplement. And I’m putting out another Moultrie Gamespy and checking my two trail cameras that I already have out. I am so pumped.

Down But Not Out

I had shoulder surgery in April and I’m currently doing physical therapy every day. I am getting better everyday and hopefully I will be ready once bow season rolls around. After missing the Pope and Young buck I have been after last year I am more determined than ever to finally get that one this season. How about you have you gotten any trail camera pictures yet of those big bucks sporting their new headgear? It will be time to go deer hunting before you know it. Now is the time to start getting ready.

Minerals and Trail Cameras

During the spring and hot summer months the bucks need minerals to help them grow their antlers to full potential. And putting a trail camera on a mineral lick site is a great place to watch that big buck develop his antlers throughout the antler growing process. Hopefully I will have some great pictures to share here soon.


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