Pre Season Chores

pre season chores
Pre season is a good time to start trimming those shooting lanes to improve your deer hunting honey holes.

You reap what you sow, that’s how the saying goes right? Well I’m planning on getting some pre season chores done early this year so hopefully I’ll reap the benefits of some hard work when it comes time to go deer hunting. Hopefully this will be the season I finally get that Pope & Young whitetail.

Get Pre Season Chores Done

I have got to trim a lot of shooting lanes and hang several stands. We moved a ladder stand after this past season and I went to check it out the other day and man have I got some lane trimming to do. I’m wanting to get it done early this year.  I would rather do it now than to have to do it right before or during the season.

Stay on the Down Low

I just think the more commotion there is in the woods close to the season the less likely those big bucks will know you are in the area. That big whitetail didn’t get big by being stupid. If they sense a lot of activity in the woods they will go nocturnal or leave their core area. I am planning on going to do some lane trimming tomorrow and put in some screw in steps in a tree where I plan on hanging some stands on one of my favorite deer hunting properties.


deer feeding
Get those trail cameras out now to watch your big whitetail develop throughout the antler growing process.

Have you started getting you’re whitetail honey holes ready for the upcoming season yet? I’ve got so much work to do to get ready but I enjoy getting out in the woods and putting up stands, trimming shooting lanes, putting out trail cameras and all other sorts of fun stuff. It  is a great way to get some exercise also.  I can’t wait to start getting some good trail camera pictures of some of those big bucks. I am wondering what bucks made it through the very harsh winter here in Kansas.

Which Bucks Made It

There is one buck that I really hope made it through and is back. He’s the one I missed with my bow last year and this year he should be an absolute brute. I would love to match wits with him again this season. I was so close to getting him last year but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!

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