Whitetail Summer Feeding Pattern

The whitetail summer feeding pattern can be different depending on food sources the deer have access to.The long hot days of summer have arrived. The crops have been planted and are growing nicely around our house here in Kansas. All of these beautiful crops, no wonder Kansas has some great deer hunting.

Whitetail Summer Feeding Pattern

plante soybean field
Crops like these can make a piece of property a prime place for deer hunting.

This evening I loaded up the wife and kids and my Cannon XH-A1s and went for a little drive through the country. Hoping to see a big buck in his whitetail summer feeding pattern. We headed out a little to early though. We saw quite a few deer and a couple of them were bucks but we didn’t see any of the big bucks. My boys started getting a little restless so we headed back to house just about the time you would expect the big boys to be coming out. I was able to get some deer on film and the boys enjoyed seeing them. I plan on taking quite a few drives this summer and hope to get some really nice bucks in velvet on film.

Pictures of Bucks

I put my trail cameras out a couple of weeks ago. So far I have gotten a few pictures of some bucks but no big boys yet. The bucks should be in bachelor groups now. During the summer months a whitetail can eat ten to twelve pounds of food per day. As autumn arrives they browse even more to prepare for the winter.

whitetail feeding pattern.
This whitetail visited one of my mineral lick sites while in his whitetail summer feeding pattern.

Mineral Lick sites

The does are busy nursing fawns during the summer. Now is a great time to establish mineral lick sites, and can help a whitetail grow his antlers bigger. The minerals will help the bucks develop their antlers to full potential. Do you put out mineral licks on your deer hunting properties? Mineral licks can improve the antlers on the bucks on your  deer hunting properties. I like the Trophy Rock mineral rocks, the deer really seem to like them. I put out a Trophy Rock on two different properties last week and put trail cameras on them. So I should start getting some good pictures real soon.

Put Out Trail Cameras

I can’t wait to see some of the big deer that we will be getting after this fall. Have you started getting trail camera pictures of big bucks yet? What in the world did we ever do without trail cameras? It is so addicting putting out cameras and getting pictures of those big boys. It can be a great way to pattern them and help you figure out where to get a shot at a buck of a lifetime. So get out those cameras and those mineral licks, you’ll be glad you did when the season rolls around.

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  1. Beautiful photo of that deer! We have corn fields surrounding three sides of our property so I put my hunting camera out back to get some nice shots too, along with other “creatures” that like to come around at night.

  2. Great big bug shot. I notice that this image show temperature and moon phase, what’s game camera model? (I’m looking for new game camera)

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