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I love watching and learning from whitetail deer videos. I was watching some deer videos this morning and saw this one I thought I would share with you.

deer videos
Deer videos can help you be a better hunter.

Deer Videos

You can learn a lot from watching deer hunting videos if you pay attention to the details. Notice how this hunter doesn’t draw his bow back until the buck turns his head away from him. It is critical to draw your bow when the whitetail goes behind a tree or brush or looks away. This is a lesson I think that all bow hunters learn the hard way. At least once when bow hunting. I like to watch and get bow hunting tips from deer videos.

Bow Hunting Tips

This hunter shows some extreme patience and it pays off. Watch and see when the hunter chooses to draw his bow. If you draw to soon you could end up holding the bow at full draw to long and have to let off on it while the whitetail can see you. If you wait to late you might not have a chance to draw your bow while the whitetail is in range and presenting a shot.


So I like to imagine different scenarios where a big buck might approach and when would be the best time to draw my bow. Sometimes encounters with a big boy can happen fast and that window of opportunity can be small and if you have thought about it before hand you can make a quick smart decision that just might pay off when the moment of truth arrives.


Almost nothing is more frustrating than getting that big boy within range only to have him bust you pulling your bow back. People who don’t hunt whitetails just don’t understand the preparation and hard work that goes into it. The opportunities at  big bucks are so hard to come by. They just don’t come around that often. Use all those bow hunting tips to help yourself be better prepared to get that big buck.

bow hunting tips practice

I remember a few years ago I was bow hunting in Georgia and I did a sneak on what just might have been one of the biggest bucks I have ever seen in the wild. I stalked up to about 20 yards of him feeding in a food plot and I had an easy shot. He was quartering away from me and had no clue I was there. The wind was in my face and it was a text-book stalk, all but one little detail. When I went to draw my bow back I didn’t realize there was a spike ten yards away from me in the corner of the food plot and when I went to draw my bow the spike snorted at me and the game was over.

A Bad Feeling

Needless to say I felt sick. Always pay attention to your surroundings. Make sure there are not other whitetails nearby that can bust you drawing your bow back. Drawing your bow at the right time can be tricky but with a little patience and common sense you just might get that buck of a lifetime.


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