Whitetail Vocalizations Deer Hunting

I have been learning about whitetails and the types of whitetail vocalizations. Why they use them, and when they use them, and each type. I’ve have been calling whitetails while deer hunting for 31 years. I’ve used deer calling techniques to help me harvest several nice bucks. Also have missed a few along the way, but we won’t discuss those. I started learning about and using these calls early in my deer hunting adventures. I didn’t really understand what each of them meant. Or the best times to use each one. I was just using them kind of blindly hoping to get good results. But understanding each call and using them at the right time can improve your odds of getting big bucks in range.  Knowing each vocalization whitetails use and when they use them and why. That can help you tremendously when you are deer hunting.

Whitetail Vocalizations

whitetail vocalizations
If you know the three types of whitetail vocalizations use and the variations of each and what they mean you can simulate them at the right times and greatly improve your odds deer hunting.

The three types of whitetail vocalizations are the bleat, the snort, and the grunt. There are several different types of each one. It is important to know what to say when to say it and have the call to say it with.

This is a list of each whitetail vocalization and the different types of each one.

  • Bleat- a. lost contact: “here I am”   b.estrous bleat: lets bucks know they are ready to breed    c. breeding bellow: bleat with extended bellow tells buck” I am ready to breed and I mean now”
  • Distress bleat- cry throughout year “help”
  • Grunt- a. buck ball: throughout the year like a doe bleat but deeper “here I am” b. tending grunt: during rut loud short grunts saying “come here” c.attention grunt: louder more aggressive best to use during the rut the bucks will usually circle downwind. Softer shorter less aggressive use throughout year made by both bucks and does say “come to me”
  • Snort a.danger “get out of here” b.snort wheeze: aggressive, tells other bucks “this is my territory and I’ll whip your butt back off”

Learn the basic whitetail vocalizations and the different types of each one and when the best time to use each one. You can greatly improve your odds of calling in and harvesting big bucks on a consistent basis.

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  1. Good read. I have never used Anything but grunts to stop Bucks. I am going to try some of the techniques this year.


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