Almost Deer Hunting

 almost deer hunting Bean field BuckI am fired up that it is almost deer hunting time.

Almost Deer Hunting Season

Well I have been getting some really good trail camera pictures lately. And now I am officially fired up and ready to go deer hunting. I have got all my trail cameras up and running. Stands hung and shooting lanes trimmed. And all my deer hunting honey holes are looking great. The biggest buck I have so far is a big buck that my fellow DHBB Pro-Staffer Troy named the tall tine 9. He is definitely on our hit list. Troy will be coming to hunt Kansas with me this November and I hope to get him taking his first Kansas buck on film.


Today I went with my good buddy Terry to scout one of his new properties. We put out three cameras and Trophy Rocks and some corn. The property is 125 acres that hasn’t been hunted in 6 years. And we think it should be a real trophy buck paradise. It has all of the key ingredients food, water and cover. I recently put out a trail camera behind my house that is a great whitetail spot. It has lots of acorns back there this year and has a nice creek and plenty of cover. I had a buck back there last year that was a very nice buck but just wasn’t quite ready so I am hoping he is still in the area this season. Hopefully he got bigger.

Have you got your stands ready yet? I am really looking forward to the upcoming season and hope we can get some great whitetail footage. It should be a lot of fun.


I wanted to share a great website with you where you can take your hunter safety course or hunter education course online. Click this link hunters safety course. Safety should be all of us hunters number 1 priority. Stay safe out there folks. Make sure that all kids and new hunters have taken their hunter safety course. To ensure that they know that hunting can be dangerous and it doesn’t take but a split second for a accident to happen. The hunter safety course will help them understand what they can do to keep not only themselves safe but everyone else as well. If you get a chance introduce a child or a friend to the great outdoors and hunting. You will make memories that last a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Almost Deer Hunting”

  1. That is a very nice deer and a beautiful picture. In Maryland we are now just a little over 2 weeks away from opening day of bow season.

    I am in the same mode as you, I have all my trail cams set, and my feeders are full. I have cut my shooting lanes on my private land I hunt and scouted from a far all my public land spots. Now, I just keep practicing with my bow and waiting those 2 long weeks.

    Sounds like you already have some good deer on your honey holes, hopefully that buck behind your house finds his way back there a little bit older and probably a whole lot bigger.

    Good luck on opening day!

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